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The Crow, good or bad?

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    The Crow is awesome, one of the best comic book movies ever. Maybe even THE best. And I'm not even a goth but I can see why goths love this movie. But it does have a kickass soundtrack.

    "Victims. Aren't we all?"


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      I watched this again recently and it still holds up. There is nothing bad to say about this film.


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        The Crow is an excellent movie and Brandon Lee was fantastic in it.Never get bored of watching the Crow.

        It Cant Rain All The Time...................
        Frighttttttttt Nighttttttttttt.......... For Real


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          IMO this movie is even better than The Dark Knight.


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            Never liked The Crow at all.

            Couldnt see what all the fuss was about.

            I diddnt see anything special about it, in fact i diddnt enjoy it at all.

            As someone previously said, i think the whole Brandon Lee death has added to the movies success.

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              The Crow was awesome. Loved the comics and any other lit. about the character as well as all the movies.
              "And Shepherds we shall be
              For thee, my Lord, for thee.
              Power hath descended forth from Thy hand
              Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
              So we shall flow a river forth to Thee
              And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
              In Nomeni Patri Et Fili,
              Spiritus Sancti."


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                Originally posted by aculard View Post
                The Crow is an excellent movie and Brandon Lee was fantastic in it.Never get bored of watching the Crow.

                It Cant Rain All The Time...................

                Agreed, and I love that song even though it makes me sad


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                  Used to be my favorite movie of all time but not anymore. I liked it a lot more when I was younger, but I still enjoy it today. There are so many quotes I still remember today and the soundtrack was superb.
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                    Thank you for mentioning the soundtrack...So many great fucking songs on that thing.

                    Originally posted by menasyng View Post
                    first one was an awesome flick, the second one, is ehhhh its okay, the best thing about it is iggy pops character, the rest are just fucking crap.....

                    but the first is a must see, awesome flick and youll find yourself qouting it alot, at least i do....damn im a loser
                    qft..Iggy was the best part of that movie

                    Originally posted by CJ_01976 View Post
                    The comics were great but the movie is mediocre. Brandon Lee shined in that one though.
                    Agreed..Loved the comic

                    Originally posted by mR_BuNgLe View Post
                    I love The Crow, but not as much as Proyas' other flick Dark City.
                    Dark city...weird movie, I have to rent that one again.

                    The crow used to be my fav but mostly is just a movie I like now. One of the many movie I loved but just watched to many damn times.


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                      I watched it for the first time a few months ago

                      i loved


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                        In short,The Crow is one of my favorite movies of all time.One of the best villians in Michael Wincott,and Brandon Lee was just getting a nice career going.


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                          The Crow was one of me favorite films when I was a lad. Haven't seen it in a while though... still own it, just got little desire to watch it.
                          Damn I've said some dumb things on this website


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                            One of the best revenge flicks ever.


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                              Originally posted by Hilti De-walt View Post
                              Not a big fan, found nothing so great Im pretty picky with my movies. I mean it was good just nothing I could care for as for my girlfriend sghe loves it.
                              Wonder why,,,Brandon Lee is effing georgeous,,, ps an OK film the rest bad


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                                whoever can hate on this movie has bad taste in films. Srsly The Crow is one of the greatest movies ever made. Brandon Lee is fantastic as Eric Draven

                                The first Crow is a classic, the sequels are BAAAAAAAAAAD.

                                and I can't fucking believe they are remaking it. NOONE will top Brandon's acting as Eric Draven. The only person I would accept in the role is Tom Hardy.