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Who is your favorite "final Girl"

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    Originally posted by Tonyblast
    Sally Hardesty-(TCM)


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      Jennifer Hill, Camille Keaton's character in I Spit On Your Grave.


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        definently Laurie Strode


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          Originally posted by ebartlett84
          Cerina Vincent

          In what movie was she a final girl?:confused:

          If you are saying Cabin Fever, you'd be dead wrong.
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            Laurie Strode(Halloween)

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              1.Nancy/Heather Langenkamp, the quintessential heroine in horror.

              2. Laurie Strode, the original.

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                Ripley all the way


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                  Originally posted by Don John
                  Kirsty Cotton, survived Pinhead three times.
                  yeah shes pretty badass

                  I love bridgette from ginger snaps, dont think you can get nerdier than her in the original lol
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                    Olivia Hussey in Black Christmas
                    Asia Argento as Aura in Trauma
                    Christina Marsillach in Opera
                    Catriona MacColl in ANY Fulci film she was in
                    And, the Texas Chainsaw series always had decent final girls. Hell, Biels was even good in the remake (though Ermey stole every actors thunder, go R.Lee!!)
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                      Ah fuck I hate all these goody two shoes final girls BUT...

                      Ripley - she's the fucking one! Fucking badass...destroyed fuicking aliens with acid blood and shit - my hat goes off to her.

                      But then....

                      Nancy - ANOES; first horror film I saw that I remember vividly.

                      Barbara - NOTLD

                      Laurie Strodes - Hallowe'en franschise

                      Any others are just plagiarism

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                        Ripley - She fought those Aliens to the death and even took A Queen Alien to the death with her in Alien 3 - before coming back in the next Alien sequel

                        Laurie Strode - She did really well fighting of Michael Myers in Halloween, Halloween 2, and H20 - then Myers got her in Resurrection.

                        Nancy from NOES - Nancy was the one who found Freddy's weakness - bringing him into the Real World from the Dream World - where he can be defeated.

                        Sally Hardesty - She went through hell - you thought there would be no hope for her. But she was able to fight of Leatherface and the family and escape.

                        Sarah Connor - Battled the machines from The Terminator and Terminator 2 : Judgment day - she died but not at the hands of a machine, but at the hands of a disease

                        Honourable Mention - Kirsty Cotton - Hellraiser


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                          DEFINITELY Sally Hardesty from TCM. Even though that film came out five years before I was even born, there's just something about her.
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                            Mine fave would be.......Gale weathers actually, from SCREAM. I always thought here character was cool
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                            Cemetary Man (1994) - Michele Soavi
                            Cabin Fever (2002) - Eli Roth


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                              Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper in Suspiria). Argento pulled off a perfect balance to make her as strong as she was weak. Making her fearful, yet making logical decisions. Probably my favorite lead female in any horror movie.

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                                Why is Nancy getting so much love? Yes she did defeat a very powerful opponent, but the bitch irritates the fuck out of me... can't stand her.