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  • Recent Horror Rental Reviews

    This is a thread that is for all of us that like to rent horror videos. If ya got a question about a potential rental(or buy) ask about it here. If you have just seen a horror movie and want to talk about it, and give it the thumbs up or down, post it here.

    This is intended to eliminate some of the threads that only get one or two responses that ask the questions "what should i rent", "did you like (fill in title)", and "anyone seen this movie" threads. Hopefully we can get some good tips for rental here, and get a heads up to what is a waste of your cash!!

    I just watched the movie RSVP. I think it is a pretty good watch. I liken it to American Psycho. You get to see into what it would be like to try to get away with mass murder. Not any real gore to speak of, but it is somewhat implied. Its a pretty good movie for rental, and if you like the low budget feel of some movies, it is a good buy. There is a review of the movie here on BD, but c'mon, who really looks at those before you ask? lol
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    What about Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood???
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      I've been looking for a good movie that will scare the hell out of me or is just straight up gore. I think i've realized that i'm so desensitized to horror films, that i just can't get scared, so does anyone have a good rental suggestion for lots of blood and gore?
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        Looks like this is really kicking off... NOT!

        Come on guys... its nice to have it all in one thread and not a million "I just saw..." threads!

        Well, I just saw a straight to dvd release called The Bone Snatcher.

        Avoid it, it sucked.
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          Originally posted by Savieri
          Avoid it, it sucked.
          Told ya, but you had to go and watch it anyway, nevermind what Tyger says.


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            Originally posted by Savieri
            Well, I just saw a straight to dvd release called The Bone Snatcher.

            Avoid it, it sucked.
            Sounds like a Porno

            Anyway, the last video I rented was Strange Things Happen at Sundown
            Its an extremely low budget vampire film, crossed with the Sopranos. Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me, they have characters such as Jimmy Fangs, Nicky the Tooth. Avoid it like the fucking plague.
            Also to just prove how stupid it is, it was made by one of my fav. companies of course, Brain Damage. The same assclowns that brought us Terror Toons, Zombie Chronicles, along with awhole bunch of shit no one has ever seen, or will see.
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              yeah i just saw Strange Things that Happen at Sundown too.. it got really stupid and boroing and it wasnt even funny, its not worth the rent

              i also just saw Flesh for the Beast, which was really dumb, and just had like softcore porn in it (with not so attractive women). it was stupid.
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                recent horro rental

                Rented Takashi Miike's "The Audition" It was kinda slow at first then the movie becomes a great mystery followed by a very bloody conculsion. Was really excellent.


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                  If you guys want suggestions of "recent" horror movies released at tour local video store (I work at Blockbuster). Try "Detour". The box compares it to Wrong Turn, but it's actually a retread of The Hills have Eyes. I give it 2.5/5, worth a rent.Also, if you haven't seen Inner Senses (3/5), The Eye (3.5/5) or Suicide Club (3/5) (all asian), I recommend all 3. And of course you know these are all rated R NOT un-rated, duh, it's BBV. See em anyways. Another movie,not exactly horror, is Better Luck Tomorrow. These asian overachieving teens get into all kinds of trouble, creative robbery and plotting murder of a friend among other stuff (3/5).


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                    BBV part 2 recommendations. Yeah, we have R rated Ichi the Killer (better than not seeing it all I guess), I forgot about RSVP (with stoner Jay from Kevin Smith fame), it's a retread of Hitchcock's Rope. My favorite to recommend from this year is May, if somehow you missed it, check it out. And , yeah Flesh for the beast is more like a softporn House on Haunted Hill.


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                      Just for the record; Miike could take a crap and record it on beta max and I would probably like it enough to buy it.

                      I just had to buy May, I loved it so much, and recommended it to someone who came in the store yesterday.. WHO infact told me of this site.
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                        My friend rented Dark Carnival and it was a film from the 90's it really sucked, the killing was so fake and the acting was fucking horrible i say you should skip it. I wanted to see um i think it's called teh 13th child or sumthing liek that.


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                          Unless you're big on wolves who A) Look nothing like wolves and B) wolves that never appear-see previous, then by all means rent Wolves of Wall Street.

                          If you don't like the affore Christmas Vacation. Can't go wrong.
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                            I just watched Better Off Dead w/John Cusack for the 20th time. it's a hilarious movie. check it out you dirty meatbags!


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                              just rented Return of the Living Dead 3 - 3.5/5