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2012 BD Fall Horror Write-Off Discussion Thread

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  • I know this is the write-off forum but i figured we could also use it to discuss any future writing endevours any of us might have...So anyone writing anything new?
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    • Originally posted by Robcbh View Post
      I know this is the write-off forum but i figured we could also use it to discuss any future writing endevours any of us might have...So anyone writing anything new?

      I'm trying to put together something for The Horror Tree called " Kramped" based on The Krampus a german child-eating xmas demon, basically a mixture between The Grinch and the demon from Insideous, don't know if I'll make the deadline, if not I'll dust it off and use it next year. Also,finishing a story for a dark hero/villian anthology called Rated R which is a wierd origins story for a super villian/ serial killer called Red Band. He's got a camera for a head and makes and records his own snuff movies and has the power to "Direct" people meaning he taps into their most violent and sexually depraved impulses and gets them to "act " for him . Has also reality bending abilities. The real fun begins when his unsuspecting star arrives on set Super-Max a generic Superman analogue.

      And also still trying to complete" Da Vinci and Nostradamus versus The Zombie Apocalypse".
      for a historical zombie anthology, again possible deadline issues due to work commitments.

      In the drawing board stage is " Elder's Maw" which was concieved orginially as a series about a sheriff of a weird island communtiy trying to contain Lovecratain horrors while tracking down a murderer who is killing their most illustrious and important citizens, which in turn is also causing more and more severe arcane creatures to enter our world and may lead to the ultimate fall of man.

      Now it's may be scalled down to a "Cthulu Western" about a bunch of exhausted desperados on the run who find themselves in the desert with no food or water. They happen to come across the town of Elder's Maw which surrounds a massive deep body of water in the middle of the desert. Obviously the town , the sheriff and it's people is'nt all they seem and come night fall the outlaws find that the town won't let them leave, then things begin to get really weird.

      This along with the continued rebirth of Exorcist Extreme - Matt Malleus, who has been relocated to Scotland,Edinburgh. He re-debuts in Gnome Alone where he takes on a hoard of garden gnomes possessed by demonic Red-Cap fungi. In Root of All Evil ,we'll get more back story about Matt's life before the church. The turning point that lead to him being medically discharged from the army on mental health grounds and later lead to him taking his holy orders. As Matt puts it " Were I lost his mind, but found God."We learn about his own personal road to Damascus when he first encounters supernatural evil while on his tour of duty in Basra.He comes face to face with a Carnate-demon, a creature created from pure greed, taking the physical form of sentient burning black oil. His entire unit is wiped out with him as the only survivor.

      In Dog-end,we're introduced to Malleus's arch-nemesis and ruthless gang-mage Tommy " The Tome" Dee. Ascendant of occultist John Dee, he gets his name form being tattooed and branded from head to toe with several arcane texts, even his eyeballs have spells encoded upon them. Like all good gangland bossess he lends money at unaffordable rates the catch is that the default payment as collateral is the persons soul. He seeks complete dominion over the worlds of the living,dead and somewhere inbetween.
      Working for him indirectly is a pack of of Were-9's or Dog-heads, basically because the wolf no longer exists as in the UK, the were-virus uses other Canines as a basis of hunting models. Cue were-rottwieler's, Pitbulls, dobbermans and even Jack Russell depending on the size of the person. These Were-9's are making their presence felt marking their territory and spreading terror, with a string of viscous attacks, on a rundown tenement block that the police have just contributed to normal dog-attacks. But, the generating of fear and paranoia in a small space is a part of a larger ritual. And the tenement block holds power, as it resides upon a " thin-spot" between planes of existence.

      The ritual must not be completed, least something wicked is let into our world.

      Malleus has a unique home-made weapon to deal with them -The Judas Noose, a pair of socks filled with silver coins and soaked with communal wine, it inflicts devastating damage. Like a lethal MacGuyver, through out the stories Matt will employ several types of improvised weaponry.
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