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  • Well this thing just keeps turning more and more into a clusterfuck, now for me I'm not opposed to the concept of a all-female paranomal/comedy...honestly with the right cast and if they make it their own thing it could be pretty nice.

    But there lies several problems, with this film I'm not a fan of the casting choices and instead of being it's own's riding the coattails of another IP/franchise which makes it ultimately come off as a gimmick. On top of that I fear the all female film is going to just rehash many moments of the first film, making it pointless and further solidifying it's a gimmick.

    The announcement of another film and trying to make this a shared universe etc. just adds to the mess, especially considering Sony wasn't too successful the last time they tried that with Spiderman aka "Hey, we know this is the 2nd film of the reboot and all butHEYLOOKSINISTERSIXCOMINUPNEXT!!!".

    Finally, with all of this coming out after Ramis's death it just doesn't sit well whatsoever. For all the development hell the 3rd film was under, it really felt like Ramis was the only one with his heart truly set in it. So when he passed away, it really felt best to let it go. With this all happening it feels like they're in a race to see if they can make something worse then the second film.
    The level of human stupidity has gone too high, we must bring out the Brick Gun.


    • I would love to see a third film with all classic cash.