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    From the front page.

    Thanks to our boy BC and his incredible hawk eyes for catching an article over at the LA Times that will make Michael Myers fans very happy. Apparently, Rob Zombie hasn't put an end to franchise as the Weinstein brothers are already planning a return to Haddonfield in 2010 with Halloween 3D. While Halloween II only opened at the #3 spot this weekend, had it not started a fist fight with The Final Destination, it would have easily taken the top spot and make over $30m. The Weinsteins knows this and are quickly making plans for a third film. Read on for the skinny and then talk about who you'd like to see take the reigns. Who could make Myers even better?

    From the LA Times:

    ""Halloween II" may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinstein Co. is taking a lesson from the movie that did as it prepares a sequel for next summer.

    The independent studio's co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel, titled, appropriately enough, "Halloween 3D," is in development.

    The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3-D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For "The Final Destination," this weekend's No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3-D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2-D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That's substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3-D multiple for last month's "G-Force," for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" it was 1.4 andm for June's "Up" it was 2.2. January horror flick "My Bloody Valentine" earned 6.4 times as much from 3-D theaters as it did from 2-D on its opening weekend.

    Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed "Halloween II" and 2007's reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won't return for "Halloween 3-D." He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise."

    Source: LA Times


    Could turn out a little decent without Zombie getting his mitts on it.
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    My thoughts exactly accept I dont know about the whole 3D thing.
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      No Zombie!! Thank God!

      I wonder who they have in mind...


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        Meh, I'm too paranoid.

        Until production draws near and things are set in stone, I suspect Rob's involved and The Blob remake is a front, much of the way T-Rex was for HPoo.


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          I'll probably pass on this one as well. I wish they would just go back, and do a proper remake instead of adding a sequel to the previous two abortions.
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          Fuck RZ's Halloween and Halloween 2.


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            Exactly why horror is the biggest copycat genre of all..



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              Man this is gonna be great.


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                He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise."
                Best part of that article.

                I'll keep eye on this thread.

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                  Those Platinum Dunes Fuckers better not be involved.


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                    Nice!!! How bad could the "different outlook" be? I think it should be decent.
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                      Originally posted by kyle.voorhees View Post
                      "...Weinstein said Rob Zombie won't return for "Halloween 3-D."
                      <punches air>

                      At this stage, that's all I care about. Dump the dirty, clueless fucker back into the gutter where he belongs.

                      'Halloween 3Durrrr!' - the perfect place to get the series back to where it belongs. Thanks to Zombie, Loomis and Laurie are out of the picture just like in the original series. All we need is the real Michael picking up a new mask to replace the one melted to his face at the end of 'Resurrection' and... <cue 'Halloween' theme>
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                        Halloween is being milked so much at this point that you are going to need a whole truck full of cookies to go along with it.
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                          I'm not sure about the 3D aspect. But just that a new director is being brought in, with a different take on the franchise, is just pleasing enough. Depending on who that is of course! I would prefer another reboot though, that would return the character of Michael Myers, and the mythology, back to their roots. But at the same time tell the story in a new way; take the basic premise but make their own film out of it. A complete re-imagining, but yet stays faithful to the Halloween mythos. I want something that will completely ignore Rob Zombie's vision, and if the film is good enough - make the whole Zombie shit-fest a long forgotten memory!


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                            Must milk the ca$h cow.


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                              Originally posted by Talunex View Post
                              Must milk the ca$h cow.
                              Is that the same cow that got knocked over near the beginning of 'H2'? Poor cow, as if it hasn't been through enough recently.
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