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    Any chance of a release date? Haven't heard anything about a date since they last announced it was to be released in November. LAST YEAR.

    Almost 4 months later and.... nothing


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      I've seen a few different trailers, and they all look horrendous, like SyFy productions. No matter, I'll still watch it.


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        OMG OMG OMG dances around OMG I feel like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. OMG OMG, I'm sooooooo fucking excited OMG!!!
        But, now that I've calmed down, this does look like the illness.
        I can't bloody wait OMG OMG!!!


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          I just caught whiff of this and became very excited when I heard "Tim Curry, clown, amusement park, 80s, horror". After checking out the trailer my expectations changed pretty quickly.


          I'm disappointed that its a comedy but it looks different and could be awesome. Still no release date which is annoying.


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            Looks cheesy but I like cheese

            2015 Horror Draft!

            1. It Follows
            2. Maniac
            3. Excision
            4. The Burning
            5. Slither
            6. Shocker
            7. Child's Play
            8. Misery
            9. The Descent
            10. Darkness Falls
            11. Ginger Snaps
            12. Pumpkinhead


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              So I gave this a watch...

              It dropped the ball big time. The set and visuals were great and Burtonesque (something about neon lit amusement parks in horror films makes me hard). However the script was awful and the dialogue was painfully cliched with its delivery flatter than the jokes. The direction was bad with action happening off screen and not making sense.

              It was supposed to be set in 1983 but the vehicles etc. predated this AND it had 2013 references, so.... wtf? Just a lack of effort all round which is a shame as it could have been something special.

              It must have had production issues as everything apart from set design was sub-par. That or the filmmakers were incompetent.