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    Tim Curry (Pennywise) voices "Gingerclown," while Brad Dourif (Chucky) voices "Worm Creature," Lance Henriksen (Aliens) as "Braineater," Michael Winslow (Police Academy) as "Stomachcrumble," and Sean Young (Blade Runner) as "Nelly the Spiderwoman.

    How many think this has the potential to being the next kick-ass clown movie next to "Stephen King's IT" and "Killer Clowns From Outer Space"?

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    looks very cool..



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      So, is this animation for adults or kiddies?


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        Originally posted by Heathen View Post
        So, is this animation for adults or kiddies?
        Not an animated film and it's not for the kiddies.

        Synopsis: “1983: A group of high school students are having a great weekend in the Hollywood Hills when they bump into a loser from their school, Sam, who’s just on his way home.

        Sam is in love and would do anything in order to get the girl of his dreams, Jenny’s, attention. Unfortunately for him she’s also the girlfriend of the school’s bully, Biff, the quarterback of the football team.

        Biff and his buddies are keen to take Sam to the old abandoned amusement park to make him prove his courage as part of their initiation ceremony into their group. They involve Jenny in their cruel game as the grand prize of the competition. Sam accepts the challenge, but Jenny wouldn’t let him go in by himself so she follows him into the amusement park, thereby embarking on a night neither of them will ever forget.

        The old park holds a secret. Hidden in the darkness are frightening and somewhat eccentric monsters, who love to torture innocent human beings while intensively annoying each other.”


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          Apparently, the monsters are animatronic. Could be cool.


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              I like the poster. The teasers suck, though. Animatronic clowns.... hopefully it is good.

              He said, "hit gold," not, "hit a septic line and get shit spewed in my face".


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                Sounds interesting. Definitely up for anything set in the 80s. I'm kinda thinking they are going to go for the "modernish looking 80s" like most modern movies that happen to be set in the 80s do(though it would be easier to just ask the actors to grow their hair out, toss some water and gel on it, and give the girls a can of hairspray and a crimping iron to get the authentic look).


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                  This sounds really good, hopefully they'll be a non-3D version for those who can't watch 3D.


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                    OH MAN THIS JUST MADE MY NIGHT!!!

                    Tim Curry may very well have one of those "Golden" voices for horror. Kind of like Vincent Price had.

                    Ever since IT I missed seeing him in horror films.... this is just perfect.

                    Even if the movie sucks, it is going to be a must watch at least once!


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                      Looks pretty interesting and cool in general. Count me in.


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                        There just ain't enough good clown horror movies. I mean why isn't this a bigger sub-genre? It should be: zombies, werewolves, vampires, and fucking CLOWNS! And Curry's voice sounds awesome. He may have been type casted due to his performance in IT but it really doesn't matter, he's awesome.

                        Right, 'cause the world is just buzzing about this 4th entry to an already tired franchise. I can't seem to go anywhere without hearing about Jurassic World. It's the next Hunger Games.

                        $30 - $40 million opening weekend if they're lucky, and then out of existence it will quickly go. Count on it.
                        - Heretickle Me Elmo


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                          Don't expect the clown to be as dark as Pennywise. All signs point to this being a horror comedy.


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                            Originally posted by Machine Gun Zombie View Post
                            There just ain't enough good clown horror movies. I mean why isn't this a bigger sub-genre? It should be: zombies, werewolves, vampires, and fucking CLOWNS!
                            There are thousands of clown horror movies out there, they just all suck.
                            My Horror "Stream".


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                              whens this coming out? is it going to be a select theater type deal?