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    I absolutely loved the first one, but this was kind of ridiculous. In the first one, you're meant to dislike the characters to some degree and they build up the cheesy angle to catch you offguard. With this, there's about an hour of things taking place that almost don't matter, before they get into the hospital and the effects are about half as good as the original including [SPOILER]a vortex that seems utterly juvenile[/SPOILER]. The best effects they show, have already been used in the original to better result. Nothing new here.

    I'm not telling anyone not to see this, but don't blind buy this or pay any exorbitant price. This is a one time watch when there's nothing else on.


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      I thought this was awful, and I'm a fan of the first one.

      The characters were annoying, the pacing was much weaker, the scares didn't work, and the climax + ending was ridiculous.


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        Man I guess I'll have to see it again. I loved how over the top it got, I hate when movies like this take themselves too seriously. I feel you guys would be complaining it didn't take it far enough if they would have stuck with the more basic found footage concept the first film had.

        I hated the first 30 minutes, but I thought it was bat shit crazy until the ending credits. Dug it.


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          I loved the first one but the second is no where near as good, that being said it should still please most people who liked the first