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Wolfman (1941)

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    Originally posted by Unholy74 View Post
    My favorite of the Universal Horror of the 1930's & 1940's to bad it didn't have a real sequel like Frankenstein did.
    or the mummy or even dracula.

    why did the wolfman get co-opted into everyone else's moster movie, but never more of his own (save for the double billed franky vs the wolfman)? why was there no original house of the wolf man? and lon has the most ownership of that role, i think, of all the universal monsters. plus, he's the only one who played everyone else, too.

    i agree, it was too bad. did you see the fairly recent house of the wolf man? i want to see it, and lon's kid is involved...

    2015 wes craven draft
    1. wes craven's new nightmare (1994)
    2. scream (1996)
    3. the hills have eyes (1977)
    4. the serpent and the rainbow (198eight)
    5. scream 2 (1997)
    6. the people under the stairs (1991)
    7. deadly blessing (1981)
    8. deadly friend (1986)
    9. swamp thing (1982)
    10. my soul to take (2010)
    11. scre
    4m (2010)
    12. cursed (2005)


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      I haven't seen House of the Wolf Man yet.


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        I think the best performance in this film is not from Chaney but from Maria Ouspenskaya who plays Maleva the old gypsy fortuneteller. She steals every scene she's in.
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