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Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

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  • Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

    I couldn't find a thread on this movie so I thought I'd break my thread cherry with it

    Having not read the original Poe story, I had nothing really to base my opinion of this movie on. For an early horror movie, I thought it delivered quite exceptionally. The scene with Lugosi kidnapping a girl from the street then forcing her to be a part of his ghastly experiment disturbed me greatly. That scene in particular reminded me quite a bit of Hostel for some reason.
    The editing between the real chimpanzee and the ape costume was hilarious. I could imagine an editor at the time believing himself a cinematic genius. There were also quite a few comic relief characters which I felt took away from the overall mood of the film. Despite those two main flaws I thought it was mostly a good movie. I read that there was extra footage from the original cut that Universal thought was too violent. Does anyone know if that's available anywhere?

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    I havnt heard anything about any extra footage, interesting. I loved this movie, but I like just about anything with Lugosi in it.



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      I think it is a very underminded work from Lugosi. Great flick, have it downloading right now.



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        One of the better horror films of the 30s and Lugosis' performances, in fact better than Dracula IMO.

        A great film!


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          Its the Best killer monkey movie from the 30's.


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            Bela was awesome in this. Did it remind anyone else of King Kong?


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              I don't know why anyone would hate on this..

              Bela Lugosi, in one of his best performances, injecting hookers with ape blood so he can mate them with his randy ape (pre-King Kong) and finding their blood is contaminated because of STD's making them unsuitable, giving a bizarre speech on evolution... funny as fuck. Impressionistic sets ala Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Karl Freund's cinematography, really gothic atmosphere... yeah, it does have some cheesy moments and lame comic relief but who gives a fukk. Bela Lugosi kicks all kinds of arse.

              10 out of fucking 10

              And only 5 replies in this thread.. shame, shame, shame..