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  • The Last Supper

    A movie I got interested in watching after seeing the trailer from my Bloody Night A Go Go dvd. I bought this under 5 dollars at the hollywood videos last opening days. A brilliant plastic surgeon takes the fat from a patient home and after eating it becomes addicted to eating flesh! The movie has decent acting and has some gory parts. The last 5 minutes are pretty confusing and the present he gives his old girlfriend looks fake but the movie is interesting and theres a part which definatley will remind you of Hostel with the underground cannibal market. 3/5

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    Sounds nifty.


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      damn, i searched for a while for this movie trying to see if there were more then just one review but i guess not that many people have seen it. i saw it at blockbuster for like 2 bucks. sounds like a cool movie, we'll see


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        just watched this again yesterday and I still will give it a 3/5 rating.

        pros: the story is told really well done, all the charecters are interesting, the plot moves along alright and this film makes me hungry

        cons: almost all of the gore scenes in this look incredibly fake. for example near the end we see several dead bodies in a pile and they all look made of plastic and latex, its a shame because if they worked better on the gore effects this would be a very decent "American Psychoish" slasher the voice over work for some of the cast doesnt fit them at all, like the main charecter, he sounds tired or monotone most of the voiceover that was hiliarious though is that the detective in this film sounds just like jack nicholson!


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          I thought this film was brilliant, it kinda reminds me of "the untold story" or "blood feast"