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Naboer (2005)

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  • Naboer (2005)

    Summary: Naboer is a psychological thriller with strong sexual undertones. The films's main character John, recently abandoned by his girlfriend, allows himself to be seduced by his two pretty neighbours Anne and Kim, who drag him into a world in which it becomes impossible for John to separate lies from reality.

    Psychological horror from Norway, the land of Black Metal.

    It was retitled in the U.S. to Next Door. Just finished watching it and I liked it a whole hell of a lot. Beautifully shot, tense, great atmosphere and an interesting storyline. Hot women as well, that's always a plus. The clues were a little too obvious at times, but it didn't detract too much from the film's impact.

    Anyone else seen it?
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    A psycho-sexual thriller, that takes you on a ride, but they didn't go far enough to my tastes.

    Especially with [SPOILER]"it's all in his/her head"[/SPOILER] type devices, you could explore much more.


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      Excellent and very erotic psychothriller. Alfred Hitchcock would be envy.
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        I really l liked this movie. The sex scene was very intense.



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          This film is awesome, the ending was a bit of Hitchcock twist, Babycall was pretty as well.
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