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    this is the Shaw Bros. attempt at a gaillo style movie. the plot centers on a killer who has sex with the corpses of the girls he kills. of course there is a police investigator hot on the trail. the scenes with maggot infested corpses are really creepy. the bodies do look dead and these scenes may put some off. not really any actual sex but alot of touchy feely stuff. not tons of gore but alot of blood. despite the necrophelia this is a pretty well done fim with tons of atmosphere. even though its a shaw film its not a kung fu film (only one brief kung fu fight). the movie is dead serious and lacks the dumb humor often found in chinese horror. well worth a watch.

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    I just watched this and echo what this guy above me stated ^^^.

    The necrophilia scene did not steal from this being "well made," though. In fact, it was a very strange scene, yet integral to the storyline. We know the fellow stuffs the dead, but a beautifully shot artsy corpse rub down with a big fur mitten has never hurt anybody, has it? " x

    The gore is minimal until the closure when they seem to go all out - spatter-style, with a beheading to remember : )
    The colors and angles used as for style ARE definitely Italian retro. It's interesting to see this in a Chinese setting ... 6.5 / 10
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      This film is 10/10! I have a corps mania gif as my signature in another horror forum I use!