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  • Originally posted by Heretic View Post

    They didn't really "thoroughly explore" anything.
    Misogyny in the outback. That's why some critics hated the film. Though I think it's actually quite realistic, as I know people like that. So you get the misogynistic vibe throughout the whole film and that's what makes it even more disturbing.


    • Really enjoyed Wolf Creek, but can't see where a sequel could take us that would be remotely different or interesting.


      • It was great. The slow pace made it all worth the while when finally hitting the ending. TCM style.




        • I loved Wolf Creek, I like slow horror movies, I like learning to like the characters, and I LOVE a slow build with a villian that slowly shows his true colors like Mick does

          I want a wolf creek 2 so bad and I can't wait to see Mick Taylor again (as you can tell from my avatar)

          to be honest Wolf Creek just really tickled my fancy and I consider it among my top 3 horror movies and at the moment its my favorite period but I just recently saw it so thats subject to change.

          I understand the problems people have with it but man I just want more and more of this Australian terror


          • Originally posted by I am Tetsuo View Post
            Am I missing something Here?.....

            I thought Wolf Creek was a really good horror film... The amount of people hating on it, is staggering!

            In my opinion, it was gritty, and had some tense moments. It's violence was depicted in a realistic manner and the films's killer was cool as shit...

            Were people expecting a typical slasher film, full of disposable, cliché characters, that only serve to add to the body count? There were only 3 protagonists, so obviously they had to provide some exposition and make you care about them.
            If there were 10 victims, and they thoroughly explored each of them, then I could understand people's disdain, because that would be boring!

            Anyway, I hope Wolf Creek 2 is as good as the original. Even the haters will watch it, despite their negative reaction to the first film....

            Yeah, you know you will.
            thats what im saying too i enjoyed #1 too

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            • its actually inspired by the peter falconie story,who was 'apparently' murdered in the austalian outbacks in 2001 by trucker bradley murdoch,whil'st with his girlfriend joanna lees,who 'apparently' managed to escape,i personally liked the film as with along with the likes of 'hostel',has the 'this could really happen,or has happened' element about it


              • Things are looking shaky for the sequel:

                "GEOFFREY Edelsten has launched legal action over his $5 million investment in the sequel to Aussie horror flick Wolf Creek.

                In documents filed in the Supreme Court this week, Mr Edelsten has flagged his intention to have rescinded the investment deed he signed for the sequel, the Herald Sun reported.

                He says he would never have invested $5 million had he known he was "by far and away" the biggest single private investor. The film has a $13.2 million budget.

                Mr Edelsten says in an affidavit that only $300,000 of this was from other private investors, the balance coming from government grants.

                He says the amount coming from government agencies was not mentioned in his first meeting with the film's director, and government support did not provide him with the "same comfort" as private investors.

                Emu Creek Pictures, of which Greg McLean is a director, sent Millennium Management, of which Mr Edelsten is director, a statutory demand last month for payment of $4.923 million.

                Millennium has now taken action against Emu Creek and is asking the Supreme Court to set aside the statutory demand.

                "The plaintiff wishes to investigate irregularities with the investment deed and PIA (private investor agreement)," Mr Edelsten says in his affidavit.

                "Further, based on the misrepresentations about the other private investors and the tax deductibility of my proposed investment, I believe that the plaintiff has a complete defence to the alleged debt."

                Mr Edelsten says in his affidavit he intends to issue separate action to rescind the investment deed.

                Wolf Creek 2 would see John Jarratt reprise his role as deranged killer Mick Taylor.

                Mr Edelsten revealed in August he was backing Wolf Creek 2.

                "I was looking for a film with international appeal and the script for Wolf Creek 2 blew me away. I loved the first film, but this will set the bar at a new height," he said at the time.

                "It's bigger, badder, more terrifying and action-packed than the first film. After reading the script it stuck with me for weeks, and meeting Greg and Matt (producer Matt Hearn) sealed the deal."

                In a statement late yesterday, Emu Creek Pictures denied Mr Edelsten's allegations.

                "We intend to fight the allegations in the Supreme Court of Victoria and are confident of victory," the statement said.

                "The production company has been clear, thorough and transparent in all its dealings with Geoffrey Edelsten and Millennium Management from the outset with Screen Australia overseeing the contracting process for the film."

                The dispute over the Wolf Creek 2 investment is due to be heard in February.''
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                • Originally posted by Dark Mark View Post
                  "It's bigger, badder, more terrifying and action-packed than the first film."
         if that were saying something. A snail crawling over a leaf would be bigger, badder, and more action-packed than the first film, well the first 3/4's of it anyway.


                  • Interview with John Jarratt about the sequel, which is currently filming.

                    December release planned.



                    • Originally posted by Rusted View Post
                      Interview with John Jarratt about the sequel, which is currently filming.

                      December release planned.

                      Not sure how I feel about a sequel for this. It seems a little much. The first film was a unique look into the mind of a psychopath, that is a perfect stand alone film.

                      Reminds me of when they were trying to make a sequel to "Maniac". What else can you do, other than make it into a run of the mill slasher film, that betrays the original vision?


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                        • Originally posted by Rusted View Post
                          Evil Dead poster much????

                          Still, i'm pumped for this.


                          • I thought the first movie took WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too long to get going and once it did I just didn't give a shit.

                            No real interest in this one either.

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                            • Originally posted by The Revelator View Post
                              Evil Dead poster much????

                              Still, i'm pumped for this.
                              Yeah Evil Dead is clearly the inspiration.

                              Regardless, I loved the first flick so I'm excited for this one.


                              • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
                                I thought the first movie took WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too long to get going and once it did I just didn't give a shit.

                                No real interest in this one either.

                                I remember when the first came out and I watched it with a few friends... they all fell asleep.