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5 Asian Horror Films of 2009

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  • 5 Asian Horror Films of 2009

    1. "Thirst" (2009) - The first vampire film directed by Korea's Park Chan-wook--the director behind "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" and "Old Boy"--is a blood-soaked look into the world of a priest that is turned into a vampire. While it may not be the best vampire movie ever made, watching the main character slowly turn from pious monk to blood-sucking sex machine is fun to watch.

    2. "Grotesque" (2009) - This Asian horror movie definitely lives up to its title. The last time we saw a horror movie this gross and scary we were eight. This is the movie that the phrase "torture porn" was invented for. There are about 15 minutes devoted to setting up the plot, after that it's nothing but sex, violence and extreme gore. It makes anything done by Eli Roth look like kiddie time in the park. An awesome film designed for the gore hounds.

    3. "Mother" (2009) - After directing "The Host" in 2006, Joon-ho Book may be best know for directing monster movies. "Mother" marks his first foray into the realm of psychological horror. The story of the lengths a mother will go to when her son is accused of murder, this Asian horror movie takes the concept of a mother's love to a disturbing new place.

    4. "Phobia 2" (2009) - A compilation of short films directed by some of the best horror directors in Thailand, each story explores a specific aspect of Asian horror. There are ghosts, serial killers, monsters and mayhem around every corner in this Asian horror movie. Some of the shorts are sleek and stylized, while others are jagged, rough and raw. It gives you the best of what Asian horror movies are all about.

    5. "Meatgrinder" (2009) - In true Asian horror movie style, this movie is filled with sharp contrast, subtle performances and eye-popping gore. This movie is about a young woman unhappy with her current state of affairs and the voices in her head that drive her to epic acts of violence. This is what happens when you spend too much time listening to the voices in your head. You have been warned.
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    Nice list. I've still gotta see Thirst sometime. I've heard a bit about Grotesque too, but torture horror like that isn't really my thing. I haven't seen any Asian horrors from the past 2 years or so, so i'd like to buy Thirst sometime definitely.


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      Out of the five listed I've have only seen Thirst.

      I really want to see Mother. Bong Joon-ho has yet to make a film I didn't like.
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        Yeah, not sure how I missed Thirst... Gotta catch some of these...


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          I'll probably end up checking all of these out now. Awesome list. I remember I rented thirst from blockbuster once, and never even watched it lol. had it on netflix for months too. I also believe mother is on netflix, so that'll be something to look into.


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            Thirst was ok in my opinion. The whole idea was pretty cool, but it was a little bit too slow for my taste. Nevertheless, it was an interesting vampire movie.

            I haven't heard about the others, but I'll give them a chance.

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              Since when was "Mother" a horror film????

              Btw that movie sucked.


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                Grotesque is a terrible and idiotic movie and the very reason I sometimes distance myself from the horror-genre and horror-fans. I'm ashamed to see the very artform I love degraded to smut like that and even more disillusioned by the fact that people actually like it. Movies like those are an acid-test for me, if you like it, I refuse to take anything you say seriously.


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                  I would say the best of 2009 was a Indonesian film called "the forbidden door"