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A Blood Pledge (Whisphering Corridors 5)

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  • A Blood Pledge (Whisphering Corridors 5)

    hi. I watched this korean horror movie A Blood Pledge this morning when my sisters where at school and i was sick from a stomach ache. At first i tried watching it yesturday night with some really good headphones but i grew really tired and chose to watch it another day. The next day i watched it early this morning and it was a really good movie ...and with headphones with the volume to the maximum the scares and shockness of the movie effected me a very powerfully, and i liked the plot. What the movie was about was a group of girls who pledged to die at a certain time together and if they don't die by that time they'll be huanted for the rest of there lives unless they ask the ghost of the girl who died for forgiveness. This is definetly the kind of movie to watch in the dark alone or with a friend or two. I recommend it to any asian horror fan

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    Whispering Corridors is a series I have heard so much about but have not seen any of yet, though. I have seen other works by the director I really really love, so thanks for reminding me about this series.
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      I agree this is a pretty damn good film all the whispering corridors are worth any persons time if they are into Asian horror