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Best British Horror (in recent history)

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    Tower of Evil
    The Devil Rides Out
    Dead of Night
    Night of the Demon
    Island of Terror

    Sorry, these were the most recent that leapt to mind.
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      Originally posted by Caustic Coffee View Post
      I would agree enthusiastically with the Hammer dominance of that period, those titles will never lose their luster with me.

      But, even you have to admit the contribution the States made to Hammer's success. Hammer was making movies like Quatermass and the lesser knowns, squeezing out a small profit, but their real fame came when they switched to gothic horror. They took the franchises that Universal created with Frankenstein, Dracula (which I guess you can say they rejuvenated from Nosferatu), the Mummy, and others and incorporated their vastly superior dialogue and made them great. To be sure, Hammer only used the basis for the movies and everything else was completely their own formula, but Universal still created the blueprint.

      Incidentally, Vincent Price was working steadily in the 60's, so it wasn't exactly the dark ages in the history of american horror, though the 70's were much more fruitful here. Nevertheless, Hammer was the powerhouse of the time.
      Yeah, I can't argue with the facts, the early sci fi Hammer films were just as urgent, though nowhere near as popular and weren't exactly transatlanticically lucrative until our takes on werewolves and vamps and stuff and I shan't deny that the partnership that Hammer studios struck up with Warner Bros. didn't expenentionally put us on the map but then again, the Universal horrors themselves were slavish copies of either early European folklore or beaten-to-the-buzzer German sausage eating bosch kraut efforts so... when all's said and done... at the end of the day... all things considered with rhubarb custard thinking, perspection taken care of and ruminated on carefully and when one weighs up the the pros and cons of the big picture situation... You're still fucking wrong you shithouse cunt and I'm still going to bury you in the horror draft!!!