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The Lost Boys (1987)

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    I remember buying the album a couple months before the movie came out in my jerkwater town (Tulsa) and once I finally saw the film after reading about it and listening to the tape as I went to bed ("People are Strange" again and again), I was sorely dissappointed. I still sort of dig it and it does its job but it's not what I wanted it to be.

    I wish Richard Kelly would make a Vampire flick.


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      Lost Boys rules, but Near Dark is easily the best vampire flick there is.


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        The fight between the older brother and David at the end was a let-down. But still, it's a very good movie.
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          It's good man but far from the greatest...tho i thoroughly enjoyed watching the guy from bill and ted getting staked in the heart
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            i used to have the biggest crush on keither sutherland in this movie...bleach blonde hair...the rugged look,hes a right minger now!

            bet mardigan is kicking himself said this thread would die out at 22 posts he he he
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              Originally posted by Samzig
              Lost Boys rules, but Near Dark is easily the best vampire flick there is.
              Near Dark was so/so. I liked it better as a kid, though. I was recently doing a remote broadcast and the place had a dvd trade in post, I saw Near Dark 2 disc edition and wanted to buy it and they gave it to me. Now that I've seen it again I wouldn't pay for it. It was good, but not the best.

              VAMP's good, Lost Boys good, Salem's Lot, Fright Night (I've even started liking Fright Night 2 now that I have the dvd, but it could have been WAAAAYYYY better), Forever Knight is/was a good vamp show.

              I had always heard they wanted a sequel to the Lost Boys with the Lost Girls. That would have been cool. But, the way things are, look for it to be remade soon with Paul Walker as David and Chris Evans as Michael, Frankie Muniz as Sam, and Clive Owen as Max.

              Come to think of it..that might not be too bad.
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                Originally posted by nostracorvus
                Frankie Muniz as Sam


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                  Originally posted by AnneGwish
                  I second that.


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                    They should have Keifer play David still, use some makeup, dye the hair, he can look the same! Or even just keifers voice as part of it, like he died but michael who is now old still heres him, use all the old characters!~


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                      Originally posted by Jgreed
                      Don't forget Fright Night, Bram Stokers Dracula, and Salems Lot (79). The Lost Boys is classic 80's horror though. They don't make vampire movies too often any more and I'm not talking about Underworld or Blade. I'm talkin about horror not action/horror.

                      the salem's lot remake is much better than the original. if you've read the book and then watched the remake you'll see its much more true to the book.


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                        Originally posted by SkInWaLkEr
                        the salem's lot remake is much better than the original.
                        That tried too hard.


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                          Originally posted by SkInWaLkEr
                          if you've read the book and then watched the remake you'll see its much more true to the book.
                          Just because one film adaptation crams more things from the source material into it than the other doesn't make it a good (or better) movie.


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                            I don't really care if movies are true to the books they are based on as long as they are entertaining.


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                              I like Lost Boys, but I wouldn't say it's the best. It's pretty cheesy vampire camp.
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                                i loved the movie. but it was not the best ever. it was cheezy and comedic. =) fun stuff.