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Pet Sematary (1989)

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  • I grew up about 10 minutes away from Bloomsburg, where the guy who played Zelda acts in a local theatre. You can see a lot of that character in him, but what a nice guy. He used to get coffee at a greasy spoon I worked at as a dishwasher. The thing that freaked me out the worst was Church. I had a gray cat that looked just like him except he was at least twice as big (about 20 lbs.). And he loved following me around, he spooked me for a while after I saw it. It was sad because he didn't understand why I was weirded out by him all the sudden.


    • I've developed an enjoyment for this film since my nephew was obsessed with it for a while. It is so out there you can't help but like it.


      • Originally posted by yoxodo View Post
        l always thought this movie was atrocious. The subsequent years since it's release have done nothing to change my mind. Another great King novel that became a turd of a movie. Bad acting, bad direction, and a terrible script all combine to form a big heaping mess. Thank god they never did a sequel...oh wait, they did, and it sucked even bigger balls.
        I will never challenge anyone who has this opinion. In fact, you're probably right.

        But... I think there was never any hope of Pet Sematary becoming a truly great film. And I believe, depending on what mood you're in, Mary Lambert's lousy film actually kind of works. It certainly is very visually impressive. And, I think the music's great too.

        Furthermore, this might be hard to explain, but I think the movie has some genuine merit. In a very abstract way. The way in which people consider certain things sacred. And this movie couldn't be more profane and crude. And extremely effective at kind of shaking you up a bit. Not necessarily as King intended with the book but he's been accused of being a rotten screenwriter. I think he wanted this movie to be different from the book. To feel almost campy, somehow. But it's not campy. It's just incapable of taking anything seriously.

        Yet, in spite of that: holy frick, is this movie creepy! If it had been the masterpiece the book allegedly is (haven't read it), it's possible some of the absurdity would have been lost. And even in its most absurd moment, it's unnerving. And creepy.


        • To be fair, the book isn't exactly a masterpiece. It's a meat-and-potatoes thriller, and it succeeds because it has no delusions about what it's trying to accomplish.

          If something is using the "cursed Indian burial ground" trope, and playing it completely straight, you know they're not exactly reaching for an Oscar, you know? The movie has exactly one note to play, and it plays it pretty well.
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          • I finally saw this for the first time last night and really enjoyed it! Of course, it isn't as good as other Stephen King adaptations, but it is a fun little film. The acting was hilarious and the script a little clunky, but I suppose it's all part of the charm! I did actually think that the directing was really good, and the whole concept is interesting and original. I don't know why anyone would find it scary though... Apart from Zelda, she was pretty creepy!

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