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    "Sorority House Massacre".....A classic slasher from 1986 and a solid one at that. Not as good as Slumber Party Massacre...but I do like the storyline for this one. "Beth" going back to her old home from when she was 5 years old...and being haunted by dreams of her brother trying to kill her. The telepathic bond the sister and brother shared was a good story to be told. A few cute girls, one handsome guy("Craig" played by Joe Nassi), some nicely done death scenes, camp, and good suspense make this movie fun to watch. The acting isn't too bad, and the 2 lead girls are good in their roles. However, I wish Wendy Martel(Linda) played "Beth" instead of Angela O'Neil. I felt so bad for "Linda" when she was killed off. She was so close to the end and was a good character to root for!!