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The Nanny (1965)

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  • The Nanny (1965)

    This review isn't about some annoying-as-fuck New York Nanny getting a boot up the arse 'in one of those crushing scenes' - this is Bette Davis in a Hammer flick!

    Hammer Studios' last film to be done in black & white, this one is all about Bette Davis's 'Nanny' as she attends to the needs of a disturbed U.K family, including little insane Joey, his barely-there dad and his mentally-broken-down mother.

    I'm not going to reveal a damned thing more about the plot save to say it gets 'quite interesting' as each character is revealed through their actions and the tension mounts all the way to the finish.

    8.5 out of 10.
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    I brought this in a massive hammer box set but still haven't seen it, I will check it out asap ... I might watch it now