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The Howling (1980)

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    The Howling is an awesome werewolf movie. "Come on bright boy..... don't you know anything?"

    He said, "hit gold," not, "hit a septic line and get shit spewed in my face".


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      Robert Picardo is great in this film. It's hard for me to decide which I like better The Howling or American Werewolf In London.
      "It is wrong to assume that art needs the spectator in order to be. The film runs on without any eyes. The spectator cannot exist without it. It ensures his existence." -- James Douglas Morrison


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        I liked the original Howling. It's the best of the series. The werewolf looked great! It was well shot. It's one of the better werewolf movies out there. Never saw the second movie. The third movie It was weird. I didn't despise it, but I didn't love it. The fourth movie was utter garbage. The fifth movie was good, but ruined by the over-done musical score. The sixth movie was decent, but the werewolf looked terrible. Never saw the seventh movie. Though I have heard it is infamous for being one of the worst movies ever made. Never saw Howling:Reborn.


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          Good movie. Rob Bottins' FX saved the movie and took it to a higher level in spite of its slow pace...