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Return Of The Living Dead II (1987)

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    Originally posted by RomeroCarpenter Fan View Post
    part 3 more? you serious?
    100% SERIOUS.

    Part two is great, but I found part three to be completely original and awesome! Sure it's not for everyone who are expecting zombie comedy fests....

    This film stands alone, and is great and highly underrated.


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      Originally posted by klownz666 View Post
      Yea I rolled my eyes to when you facepalmed me for having a different opinion to your own
      I only 'd what you said because the first is clearly the best. If you like 2 and 3 more fine, but alot of fans of the franchise (including myself) think otherwise.
      Forgive me father, for I don't give a fuck.


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        I still love the original and of course the first 3 sit in my collection, your facepalm reminded me of another thing I get facepalms off, the fact I think ginger snaps unleashed and ginger snaps back, I like more than the original, but them back hand comments usually come from teenagers, that i assume you are not


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          A fun sequel. Very entertaining and great to visit from time to time!!


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            One of my favorites. I remember first seeing it on USA Up All night with Rhonda Shear and Gilbert Gottfried.