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Combat Shock-(1986)

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  • Combat Shock-(1986)

    My buddy brought this over the other day and as soon as i saw the Troma print on the DVD i wasn't expecting anything at all, but i found out that Troma just has the rights to the DVD and is not a Troma film at all.

    It's about a vietnam vet named Frank who returns home with Agent Orange, marries, has a deformed baby, and is dead broke. He tries to find a job but no luck, his friends are now all junkies, Pimps and pushers are after him, and he is finally driven to the point of insanity at the end, which is fucking BRUTAL!!!

    This movie was made dirt cheap, there's some vietnam flashbacks shot in Upstate New York where if you look hard enough you can see some buildings in the background, and the acting at times is horrible, but the movie has some nice location shooting of New York before it was cleaned up, and overall the tone is just bleak as fuck.

    The movie surprised me, i enjoyed it. i know some of you filmsnobs around here may not appreciate it, but check it out anyways.

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    The part that grossed me out was the AIDS-infected guy's pus-bubble, poppin!! ahhhh!!

    I think I saw a cut version... I remember tinking it was a mediocre attempt[even for Troma]


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      Originally posted by LaArana2 View Post
      The part that grossed me out was the AIDS-infected guy's pus-bubble, poppin!! ahhhh!!

      I think I saw a cut version... I remember tinking it was a mediocre attempt[even for Troma]
      Looks like the secret sauce they put in Big Macs yea.


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        I quite liked Combat Shock, very moody and dark movie.

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          Very grindhouse-y, kind of reminds me of Driller Killer, with the cheap production values and gritty realism. Movies that have no flair or visual style, just bare bones cinematography and editing. But that kind of fits with this particular movie.


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            Love this movie, one of my favorites.


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              I've got to see this! Looks like my cup of tea. I'm a sucker for grind house grit and trashy exploitation it's the fact that it has something totally unapologetic about it that I love.

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                Just saw this film a couple weeks ago. The story was alittle slow at the start but it all panned out in the end..awesome!



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                  Saw it fairly recently. It made me happy.

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                    I have owned this one for quite a while now but for whatever reason have been putting off watching it. Seems to be one of those films I need to be in the mood for and watch on my own. The negative commentary that is my Dad may spoil it for me.


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                      Tried watching this during last years AG draft but the horrible muzak turned me off.

                      Might give it another go.


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                        Recent watch: Combat Shock (1986)

                        >It's been 12 years passed since my last viewing; I appreciate it today unlike at age 16.

                        CS is a list-topper among the filthiest backdrops to be. Hanger and The Dark Backward are also up there.

                        I liked the synth score.
                        7 / 10
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                          I haven't seen it yet but have been thinking about buying it because Arrow have released it


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                            I love this movie! I have the Troma release. Such a depressing/gritty movie.


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                              I am glad I have the Arrow release, unfortunately not released on Blu-ray. Can't tell why, but nevertheless it's a nice to own-movie for the collection.

                              Artwork is splendid, like all Arrow releases.
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