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The Flaying (2012) - An Argenitian Film

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  • The Flaying (2012) - An Argenitian Film

    "The Flaying" (2012) - a.k.a "El Bosque de los Sometidos"

    During the early seventies, four teenage friends go on a trip through the interior of Argentina to the north of the country to watch an illegal car race take place in the streets of Cordoba. On their way, they discover a mysterious house left abandoned in the middle of the forest. They decide to investigate further, just to discover itís gruesome secrets and the ruined houseís former residents.

    An upcoming independent fantastic horror feature production from Argentina. Post-production is expected to be completed in April with the first potential screening of the movie in the US sometimes in August.
    Hope you like it!

    I leave you here a TEASER


    Release Date: 2012
    Country: Argentina
    Language: Spanish

    Director: Nicolas Amelio Ortiz
    Writers: Tomas Gonzalez Montalvo, Nicolas Amelio Ortiz

    Olivia Tykocki
    Juan Alvarez Windey
    Emilio Martin
    Celeste Subatin


    Goin' home, late last night
    Suddenly I got a fright
    Yeah I looked through a window and surprised what I saw:

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    This looks great, very promising, congratulations.

    Could I join your team? Perhaps in a future project? Perhaps giving me the opportunity to write a scene or make a small appearance in one of your productions?....

    Again congratulations and good luck!!!


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      This looks to have promise. The teaser's a charmer. I wish you luck toward your creations.
      There is no such thing as DEATH; it's just a trrransformation.
      No hay fin para ti. No hay fin para mi.


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        Oh yeah, totally interested.


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          thanks for the support, people!!---
          here i leave you another official poster...
          tell me what you think

          OFFICIAL PAGE (Now in English):
          Goin' home, late last night
          Suddenly I got a fright
          Yeah I looked through a window and surprised what I saw:


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            This looks downright effin' gruesome...


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              This looks very promising, I will keep an eye on this...thanks for sharing and good luck.