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American Maniacs {2010}

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  • American Maniacs {2010}

    aka Fetch

    Director: C.M Downs Writer: Trent Haaga and C.M. Downs

    In a small town in Kansas, six members of an evangelical Christian group are kidnapped by a psychotic group of violent ex-cons, perverted cops and murderers. Held hostage for the sadistic pleasure of their tormentors, the victims slowly begin to realize that outside help will not be coming. With no other options and time quickly running out they must band together and fight back against their twisted tormenters for any hope of survival.

    The synopsis is wrong..

    I went into this movie like there would be a bunch of insane fucks that took a Christian group captive and they would torture and kill them. No.

    Yeah there were church kids, insane fuckers, and the normal {so called normal}

    They were all separate...and it worked so well. This film was amazing, depressing and sic. Their stories all tied in and the film had an incredible ending.

    Only problem I had was with the main actress {the stripper} she is annoying as fuck with her whiney voice. She was in the Human Centipede films..

    Anyway fuck her. 8/10. Watch this soon.



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    Looks groovy.
    I'll check it out and get back.


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      Originally posted by Mogwai View Post
      Looks groovy.
      I'll check it out and get back.

      Can't wait to hear your thoughts Fulcee.


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        I will watch this soon. Funny how they got the synapses all wrong, guess the company that brings out the film does it.