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DeadTime {2012}

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  • DeadTime {2012}

    Bloody, Brutal and British!

    The story revolves around a troubled rock band whose unscrupulous record label producer, played by Channel 4’s “The Word” presenter Terry Christian, sends them to a run down studio in the Midlands to create their ‘magnum opus’ and revive their flagging career. As the guitars rock and the cameras roll, the entire entourage is stalked by a psychotic assailant, who seems hell bent on killing them all in ways that are increasingly graphic and creative.


    British slasher flick 'DeadTime' has upset those BBFC fellas and in order to score a UK 18 rating 4Digital Media have had to slash 12 precious seconds from their upcoming release involving a painful sounding stabbing. The new low budget thriller from Spooked Films has been ordered to remove "a scene of sexual and sexualized violence, in this case a woman being stabbed between the legs with a blade" so that it can successfully hit shelves here in the UK from 14 May. The Tony Jopia helmed horror, stars Laurence Saunders, Carl Coleman, Elisabeth Shahlavi, Alex Marieka Hanly, Leslie Grantham ('Eastenders'), Terry Christian, Joe Egan, Julian Boote, Stephen Spencer and Matt Gibbons


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    I most certainly will be checking this one out once available. Will be one of my rare buys for the second half of the year.


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      If this is about killing all Britsh pop music, I'm for it.