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The God Memoirs {2007}

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  • The God Memoirs {2007}
    Director: Brian Hirschbine
    Genre:Horror, Gore

    Alone and isolated in an uncompromising world, one man's quest for understanding and reason pushes him to the limits of sanity. Whom should this man blame for his current situation, God or his past? In trying to navigate a life that is decaying with paranoia, hallucinations and delusions, violence emerges; but is this violence in the name God or an ingrained instinct of family. This is a Journey through a mind crippled and crumbling from false expectations and broken search of belonging, a desolate view of man and depression; and in the end one can only ask, "In a moment of desperation how far will your faith take you?"...Brian Hirschbine

    A new God will be no better than Man, as Man is no better than the old God", says the 30-something serial killer. The film opens to him in his basement, sitting at a desk. It looks as if he is working on something and when the contents on the desk are revealed, we see him carefully sewing a slab of flesh cut off his latest victim's chest. In the background, we hear the sounds of crying and pleading. It's his latest victim, who is tied to a bloody mattress, begging for him to spare her life. It's a gruesome sight as she has been cut up very badly. As she looks down at her mutilated body, she screams, "What have you done to me?" Very calmly, the killer looks over her. He doesn't look as if he feels mercy, or a least bit of remorse for what he has done. He treats his poor victim like a cockroach by stomping on her head violently. Her cries stop. She is dead. The killer doesn't think anything of it, and he's so calm about committing murder, it's scary.

    The monologues by the killer are set in nature as he spends time in tranquil surroundings in order to reflect on human existence. He addresses the loss of faith coming from his disgust of corruption in humanity. He is still able to find beauty in the world, this gives him hope. There is a lack of story and this comes from the anonymous killer's "memoirs", or recollections. He is clearly a psychopath with murderous tendencies, but realistically, a loss of our faith is something we deal with in our everyday lives. The killer lost his faith and he chose to do something about it by trying to rid the world of sinners. Interactions with victims are too distant, and they seem as if there is no motive. They are on screen for a minute or so before they are killed. The killer barely utters a word.

    The score adds a creepy ambience to the visuals, and all of its potential.... that is why I expected it to amount to something special. When violence is intended to be realistic, it comes across as being bit forced. There is a fatal beating with a frying pan. In the same scene, a child is shown stabbed to death. Scene fades to black, then viewers are subjected to the scary sight of a child stabbed and dying, crawling towards his bloodied mother. It's moments like these when the director dares to cross a line, but every time violence is shown, he cuts away and waits for the aftermath. I wanted to see the actual brutality..then it's results. This wasn't in all the do see some of the filthy deeds being done.

    "The God Memoirs" strives to be a different take on the serial killer film, it wastes its opportunity, especially by resorting to repeating monologues and missing any chance of telling us what kind of person the killer truly is. It is unique though. There is this "god" the killer is assembling, through various parts of his victims. This creation alone gave me the morbid curiosity to watch to the end.


    Style: shot on video
    Gore:8..very gory torture scenes but not long enough
    My Thoughts: alittle have to listen to a bunch of rants about his loss of faith in mankind but the outdoor scenes were pretty. When the gore was shown, it was nice to look at. Some gut wrenching screams did give me a chill or two.
    Shock value: 7..maybe an 8..the head stomping was freaky..

    Rating:6/10...due to the fact it was kinda slow paced.

    Abortion Bin Productions


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    As usually you do the most brilliant write-ups Ms W.

    At this present time I am waiting for a double disc of this and 'Gut Pile'. From the write-up I am looking forwards to this. Giving the right time his rants may just grab me

    Of course the gore and nastiness is always great when done well. From what I just read it is a shame it doesn't last longer.

    From my understanding this will be getting a re-release at Abortion Bin soon.


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      I love Gut Pile.



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        Thought it was awesome finding that double feature.


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          Thanks for the heads up, will be checking this one out soon. What we do with out you to keep us all updated on the UG films?


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            Originally posted by Visitor Q View Post
            Thanks for the heads up, will be checking this one out soon. What we do with out you to keep us all updated on the UG films?
            Exactly...Ms W. has the most amazing sense for these movies