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    Originally posted by Legend_Killer
    This is Great News i just Hope Romero gets to do whatever he wants with no restirictions like with Day. The Story sounds briliant and i just really hope we finally get our much long awaited Zombie Flick.
    i totally agree with you. this film could be so awsome... or not awsome. i'd say it would need to be unrated (or at very least have an unrated version easily available), need enough funding, and the studios would need to let romero do what he wants without them saying "wow! this is great, but...." as long as these and many other possible circumstances don't fuck it up, this could be such an awsome film.
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      Don't hold your breath for this one jerkoffs.


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        Originally posted by ZOMBIE COMMANDO
        Don't hold your breath for this one jerkoffs.
        you have already expressed that view once in this same thread. We GET your opinion. We GET it. We GET it. We GET it.

        Originally posted by ZOMBIE COMMANDO
        Oh yes Dead Reckoning is coming for the 5000th time. Oh wait maybe I shouldn't get all hyperactive over repeat news that has been spread through fan boy nerd networks for years.
        Did you forget that you already posted the same thing here?


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          Originally posted by tobe_romero
          Originally posted by ZOMBIE COMMANDO
          Don't hold your breath for this one jerkoffs.
          you have already expressed that view once in this same thread. We GET your opinion. We GET it. We GET it. We GET it.

          Did you forget that you already posted the same thing here?
          Yup....well I am glad you get it.


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            I can almost 100% guarantee there WILL NOT be a DAY of the DEAD remake!
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              I don't understand why George Romero didn't have anything to do with the Dawn remake, he was part of the Night remake back in the 90's. Does anyone know why he left Dawn alone.

              Well, the rights to NOTLD are public domain since Romero forgot to copyright it back in '68 so any asshole could make a remake and call it "Night Of The Living Dead"

              Knowing that, Romero made sure the at least the remake would be made by someone competent nd asked Savini to do remake so he would know at least that the remake was going to be somethin' good.

              The rights for "Dawn" are owned by Richard Rubinstein so it was basically his choice to greenlight the remake. And since he owns the right he doesn't have to ask Romero for shit. That's why Romero wasn't involved, he didn't have any input cause he doesn't own the rights.

              Same with "Day", the right for "Day"are own by Taurus Enterainment so once again Romero had no input at all.

              Now i'm thinking of it, it's kinda sad that Romero doesn't own the rights to his Dead Trilogy. Truelly a shame, he could have protected us from the horrible spin-offs and remakes if he himself owned the rights.
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                Which one will go first?
                Posted By Andrew Gaty on 2004-06-12 23:43:29

                There was a flurry of activity during the past week. We have our financing together, and have one of the leads. At the same time, George’s other project, “Dead Reckoning” has also possibly come together, and we have been discussing on a daily basis, which should go first. One could start in October, the other, next spring. This is quite complicated, as it has some bearing on our financing, and we hope to sort it out during the next week. I am very happy for George. Will keep you posted.

                Hal, Zach, Edith Myers and I had a meeting last Thursday to try to figure it out.

                We have also been working furiously on our website. We are expanding all the sections in a major way. Tim is reprogramming the engine, Brian is creating more art and Heidi and our team is getting the content ready. We will take this site to new heights.

                We have 11 million hits. Thanks for your continued support.


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                  Great News cant wait to see this

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                    Originally posted by BarkerRulez
                    Originally posted by ZOMBIE COMMANDO
                    Oh yes Dead Reckoning is coming for the 5000th time. Oh wait maybe I shouldn't get all hyperactive over repeat news that has been spread through fan boy nerd networks for years.
                    Well good deal, that means we shouldn't see your ignorant ass in this thread no more....Everybody grab the wine and crackers we got a celebration

                    I got mine!


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                      I look forward to seeing Dead Reckoning on a double bill with Buckaroo
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                        It’s been kind of frantic during the past couple of weeks. Our financing came together about two weeks ago. Basically, it will come from several sources: a UK company will put up equity and arrange sale and lease back, a piece from the Irish Film Fund, one or two pre sales, a bank gap and a private equity investor in LA. Hal Sadoff put this together and he has done a terrific job. The next step is to start with the documentation.

                        In the meantime, it seems George’s other project “Dead Reckoning” may also have gotten financing and at present it appears that this film may go first, maybe even starting to shoot in October. Diamond Dead would then have a start date of February/March next year. This is not totally set and I guess we will know the exact status within the next month.

                        There is a complication with out financing: we would have to have an answer print by April 5 next year, which is the end of the UK tax year. If indeed Dead Reckoning goes first, this is impossible. We are trying to move the UK funds into the next tax year, or looking to replace it. I am happy for George, (really!) but it’s a pain in the butt for me…

                        In the meantime, Scott Free are aggressively pursuing casting the leads. Thanks for the suggestions, they were helpful.


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                          George Romero talks LAND OF THE DEAD and DIAMOND DEAD

                          After years of little activity, George A. Romero is suddenly busier than a flesh-eating ghoul in a shopping mall. Two film projects—the rock-and-roll horror film DIAMOND DEAD and his fourth official entry in his classic zombie series, LAND OF THE DEAD–are now closer to reality than ever before. In fact, after so many false starts and unrealized projects, Romero is now dealing with a different sort of issue. “I’m suddenly faced with a problem of both films having financing, and I believe LAND OF THE DEAD is going to go first, since that deal is basically complete. But I love DIAMOND DEAD, and I hope the money people will wait for me, instead of trying to find someone else to do it.”

                          Both movies have independent financing, although Romero says that LAND OF THE DEAD (formerly DEAD RECKONING) has a big-name producer behind it. “I can’t say who it is yet, but it’s a major deal,” the filmmaker says. “I hope they leave us alone and don’t want to ‘Hollywood-ize’ it too much, or spend too much money, but those are battles yet to be fought.”

                          Romero does acknowledge, however, that there’s a very good chance that the initial release version of LAND OF THE DEAD will not have the same freedoms as his original, unrated DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD. “The producers want major distribution, so I’m sure that the first release version, in this country anyway, will have to be R-rated. I don’t think they’ll want to go NC-17. But they’re gonna let me shoot the film the way I want to, and they’ll let me do the cutbacks for release. Hopefully the fans will still show up, and then see the [unrated] edition later on video.”

                          The director hopes to begin production on LAND OF THE DEAD in October, with KNB already bidding on the FX work, and Romero says the project is “definitely moving full speed ahead.” He’d love to begin work on DIAMOND DEAD immediately afterward, possibly in the spring; the project’s website can be accessed here. A third film—Romero’s adaptation of Stephen King’s THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON, is waiting in the wings and could also roll by mid-2005, and the director will executive-produce a Paramount remake of his 1973 film THE CRAZIES, being scripted by Scott (TEXAS CHAINSAW) Kosar. While juggling all these projects could be stressful to some, Romero is perfectly happy: “It’s nice to know that I might be working! I’ve been sitting on my ass for too long. But, yeah, things look really good right now.” —Don Kaye


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                            Variety reports that George Romero is set to direct "Land of the Dead," a horror film that picks up on the zombie saga he hatched with "Night of the Living Dead" and continued with "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead."

                            Pic, from Romero's own script, is being co-financed by Atmosphere Entertainment and Paris-based Wild Bunch. Production will begin in October in Winnipeg or Pittsburgh. Latter was the site of shooting for Romero's original 1968 zombie trilogy.

                            New film will be produced by Atmosphere chairman-CEO Mark Canton and prexy Bernie Goldmann, along with Romero's partner Peter Grunwald of Romero Grunwald Prods. Atmosphere's Steve Barnett is exec producer.

                            Go picture is the first for Atmosphere, which Canton formed late last year with financing from Daedalus Media Partners principal Mark J. Kimsey. While the company hatched a surplus of scripts Canton brought from previous ventures, "Land of the Dead" is a new script buy.

                            In Romero's new pic, the zombies having taken over the world and those left alive are confined to a walled-in city that keeps out the corpse corps. Anarchy rules the streets, with the wealthy insulated and living in fortified skyscrapers. Drama revolves around a group of scavengers who must thwart an attempt to overthrow the city while the dead are evolving from brainless slow-moving creatures into more advanced creatures.

                            Canton said Romero's early work was the touchstone for a slew of current horror hits and that his script showed the master hadn't lost his touch.

                            He and Goldmann described the film as "Night of the Living Dead" meets "The Road Warrior," and Wild Bunch's Vincent Grimond sparked to the overseas potential. The two companies have the ability to cover the budget themselves but expect to land a domestic distributor before the zombies wreak havoc in the fall.

                            Romero had been developing "Diamond Dead," a black comedy musical that's being produced by Scott Free and Andrew Gaty, and he also scripted an adaptation of the Stephen King novel "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon," which he may direct for Canadian financier Don Archibald and Lions Gate. But he jumped at the chance to dig up the dead again.

                            "People ask me why I've waited so long to do another 'Dead' film," Romero said. "I made one in the '60s, one in the '70s and one in the '80s. The only reason I missed the '90s is because I wanted to stay faithful to the tradition while coming up with something new."

                            Romero's new film will have a budget in the teens. The original cost $140,000 and grossed $20 million worldwide, becoming one of the most profitable films of all time. The first sequel, "Dawn of the Dead" cost $1.2 million and grossed $40 million worldwide."



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                              :t yay
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                                Romero needs to just quit. He has only made one movie worth watching, the rest completely sucked, and the voice in my head is saying any of the new movies talked about here are probably going to suck also.

                                Being a horror fan, i'll prob watch anyway though..
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