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The Tattooist (2007)

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  • The Tattooist (2007)

    Just caught "The Tattooist" and though it definitely has it's flaws, it's worth checking out for some gruesome set pieces involving people bleeding tattoo ink (and blood) and a great splattery scene in the hospital which includes an eyeball splitting in two and oozing. Jason Behr (tv's "Roswell," "Skinwalkers," "The Grudge," "D-Warragon Wars") does what he can with his character - most of the characters are either unlikable or just plain dull. He's the only recognizable face (and body, with a nude scene during the opening credits) in the cast of this New Zealand-lensed mystery. It's short on mystery as well as suspense, but undemanding genre fans should at least put "The Tattooist" on the rental queue for something different.

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    This movie was okay. Something to watch when you're bored. Had hella hot men in it. Can't go wrong when beautiful babes are involved.


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      It was alright. The tattoos that were in the film were pretty awesome, but other than that, it was pretty boring.


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        This movie was unusual and (I thought) interesting too...definitely something to check out when you want a change of pace.
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          Caught this on IFC today, it was interesting... the hospital scene was pretty awesome though. I wouldn't have picked this movie out on my own, but watching it with no expectations probably helped.


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            I picked this up for dirt cheap and am glad I didn't spend much money on it, it has some good moments but overall its pretty forgettable... A one time watch film.