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Blood Creek (2009)

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    Originally posted by Mr Torrance View Post
    Is this worth a rental at ther least?
    Yes, it is.

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      Originally posted by sethdlh View Post
      read the review in my blog and find out! (link in sig)
      Will do,thanks
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        just saw the movie. Best horror ive seen lately. i love the nazi concept .. Hope they make a 2nd part.



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          saw this last night, it was an alright film.



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            I would also love to see a sequel but I highly doubt one will ever be made.

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              Originally posted by Slasher Freak View Post
              Yes, it is.
              I actually found it very boring and uninspired, so I wouldnt say that it is worth a rental. You should rather rent The Hills Run Red or A Perfect Getaway, they are both WAY better!
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                I lied this film, I wasn't expecting much when I bought it, but it turned out that it was a decent flick. 8/10

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                  Blood Creek

                  I just recently saw this movie on netflix and i thought it was pretty good. The guy that made lost boys directed it. Its a pretty interesting story about how Hitler is looking for a ancient evil power and sends one of his nazi professors to America to find it.
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                    I caught it on Netflix awhile back too. It wasn't half bad. Much better than Schumacher's Batmans.

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                      Here's a review I did on it a while back... I apologize now for the length of it... Jesus


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                        Originally posted by MovieGeek View Post
                        I would also love to see a sequel but I highly doubt one will ever be made.
                        watched it again a few weeks ago i would love to see a sequel as well

                        but i agree i doubt they will