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    This was pretty good, a bit super depressing though. I enjoyed it for the most part.


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      Originally posted by NSZ View Post
      It's a shame, because it had that potential. Whether it was rewrites or just straight up ignorance, the meaning of this movie is lost to everyone but the director and screenwriter. I have no problem with open ended "What do you think happened?" films, but this was just shoddy with absolutely no hints to help you along.

      Like I said, a shame because up until it stopped dead halfway through I loved it.
      I felt like this, it just didn't transcend some expectations. I enjoyed it, the psychological part was very depressing. There was one scene where the camera was very up close to the girl while she was saying the alphabet backwards. I was looking for some sort of ghost in the camera, that to me was the scariest scene. There might have been twists and turns in the writing that was a tug of war with ideas. There were some good scenes, the ear deafening scene was crazy. I suppose the guy went to hell. This has some shinning and mouth of madness in it.