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V/H/S (2012)

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  • I liked the first and last segment but the rest was pretty much dog shit


    • Originally posted by Heretic View Post
      Very limited.

      All I can say about the movie, is keep your expectations in check. It's not nearly the "horror revolution" it's being advertised as. Decent time waster, and nothing more.
      Got round to watching it and you were right. I enjoyed it because it has its moments but it has too many flaws.

      Originally posted by Caustic Coffee View Post

      I thought this was OK. I don't understand why so many horror movies have to feature utterly unlikable characters, even if they're meant for you to root against, but it was solid for what it was.
      I totally agree with you. The wrap around story characters were thugs who sexually assault a woman, horrible people who I had no attachment to.

      The guys in that "glasses cam" segment were horrible and incredibly annoying and the drunk dude on the sofa was unbearable.

      It makes no sense to me as surely a primary aim is to get the viewer emotionally involved by rooting for the protagonists. I felt detached and was merely observing pricks being killed which is such a low form of entertainment.

      Funnily enough the 2 segments I enjoyed the most had fairly likeable characters, The couple in the hotel and the halloween guys. The Halloween guys proved to be decent people when they attempt to rescue the girl which instantly makes you side and root for them making it more enjoyable, who'd have thought it .


      • I might watch this tonight. I started it, but fell asleep while the idiots were hitting objects with bats. They took alot of energy to make sure we don't like them. Hope it pays off.


        • I caught this on netflix, i liked the first and final segments but everything else was not really interesting, it's one of those films you dont mind watching once late at night.


          • I had mixed feeling about this movie, there were some decent stories in here that I really liked.

            There was some of them were really boring
            I Gave this 5 out of 10


            • Just got this in so will check it out asap.

              Heard the sequel is good. Sounds awesome, aliens and shit.