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Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

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    Atmospheric but not enough ghoulies

    This could have been the perfect mix of found footage, creepy location flick. The premise is a good one (uninhabited land untouched for years, creepy goings on and a ready made backstory) but alas even though the backdrop and the bumps in the night gave me the heebie jibes I was disappointed in not seeing the terrors that lurked about always in the shadows. Sometimes less is better, but I don't believe in this case it was. I think the director should have gone all out and given us at least a glimpse of the unimaginable, the things in the water, the large beasts lurking in the walls. Still the movie gave me a few good jump scares and caused me to turn the volume down some.


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      This movie does some things right but it does even more wrong. The whole thing evens out to being simply ok. I loved it when the characters were wondering around Chernobyl in full daylight and complete silence. That felt legitimately eerie and I think is largely due to the location. Even running from the dogs and mysterious lake creatures provided some good moments. And then lets not forget the bear!

      The point radioactive humanoid mutants were introduced was when I lost interest and the whole thing fell apart. They weren't scary and it pretty much reduced the last half an hour into one very long chase scene. See a monster run away, see another run another way and continue until the end. This is a very found footage movie thing to do, which brings me to my next point.

      Was this originally found footage? Because it really seems like it was but then someone removed all the camera mans lines. It has the shaky cam, an isolated location, a reason to film, never ending chase sequences and its called the Chernobyl DIARIES.

      Overall pretty average.


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        I found this in the $5 bin at Walmart a few months ago.

        A fairly by the numbers movie with an appropriately weak twist. I don't even feel like typing anymore and wasting my time.



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          Despite what could've been a great effort, this one turned out to be a slight disappointment overall. The film's biggest flaw here is the absolute inability to know what it wants to be, as the trials and tribulations of the group inside the city are just dull in comparison to what comes after, but the fact that all we get is a single line in Russian about the protagonists yet are never given any sort of evidence during the film to support the diagnosis since it shows several other particular efforts as to what could happen rather than what was announced at the end. This is aided by the fact that they're hardly ever seen anyway and get very little screen-time, the majority of the film featuring them running around in the radioactive areas battling other threats than what we're told, and the incredibly poor decision-making to constantly keep themselves in danger for the expense of the movie's sake is another big blow here. It has some fine set-pieces at times and gets in some great atmospheric moments in the later half, but overall this one is just too disappointing to really get better.

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