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  • V/H/S 2 (2013)

    The first film seemed to provoke strong opinions of love or hate so should be interesting to see a sequel. I just saw the first last night and gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. Sanchez and Evans being involved excites me! Here's some early info:

    A sequel to the recent horror anthology V/H/S is already moving forward, and new directors are being lined up to collaborate on the project.

    Most notably, Eduardo Sanchez, one of the directors of the first found footage horror flick, The Blair Witch Project, and Gareth Evans, who helmed the recent Indonesian action hit The Raid: Redemption, will be among the directors writing and directing segments that will make up V/H/S/ 2.

    The first movie’s directors included Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, and Radio Silence.

    Others that will be working on the sequel include Wingard, who’s returning to make a full segment, Hobo With A Shotgun director Jason Eisner, Macabre director Timo Tjahjanto, Gregg Hale, who is Sanchez’s producing partner and will be co-directing his segment with him, and Simon Barrett, who makes his directorial debut after working only as a writer on the first.

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    Insta watch for me, just because Jason Eisner is directing a segment. Eduardo Sanchez also directed the recent "Lovely Molly" which seems to have gotten some praise, here. It'll also be interesting to see what Gareth Evans comes up with. The films I've seen of his have been hyper action/martial arts (Merantau, The Raid).


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      The first was okay, I'll need to see a trailer for this before I decide if I wanna see it or not.


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        The first was horrible. I will give this a shot though because there is no story to follow just different segments. I'm hopeful they can at least produce a deecent one in the sequel.


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          I'm in. First film was solid.


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            Ti West is out and Jason "Hobo with a Shotgun" Eisner is in? I'll bite.

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              I just lost some respect for Eisner. They could've at least named the sequel D/V/D. But no, they are already stagnating and bringing nothing noteworthy to the stagnant found footage subgenre. *barf*


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                I'll pass.

                Didn't like the first one at all.


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                  Originally posted by Heathen View Post
                  I just lost some respect for Eisner. They could've at least named the sequel D/V/D. But no, they are already stagnating and bringing nothing noteworthy to the stagnant found footage subgenre. *barf*
                  The third one bluray. Right! RIGHT!


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                    Originally posted by TheReturnOfSarsoor View Post
                    The third one bluray. Right! RIGHT!
                    No, the third would be the requisite prequel called BETA, about a beta monkey who sits in his dorm room all day, writing to women in prison, and dreaming of making the first found footage film, on BETA no less, about women in prison.


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                      I loved the first V/H/S, so I'm excited to hear that a sequel is on the way.

                      I hope it delivers as well as the first one did.
                      "It's not the end of the world, it's just the end of the day."


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                        Really looking forward to this. The first movie was f'ing great.


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                          I'm genuinely surprised there are so many detractors in this thread. I thought all the segments were fairly inspired and creative. Definitely one of the better "modern" horror films I've seen.

                          Yes, the tie-around story was awe-ful but I found that everything else (surprisingly) worked. The only segment I didn't really love was the the one most people rave about, the Succubus and even that had it's moments.

                          This time around, the directors are, naturally, weaker, but I'll still bite on the strength of the original.
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                            In the sequel, I'd like to see a little more coherensy in the main story arc. The main story arc in the first one was fairly unimpressive. However, the segments (overall) were good.

                            If a sequel can improve upon the original, I'm all for it.


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                              I have no desire to see part 2; I found the first one to be mediocre.