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    I seem to be one of the few that actually really enjoyed the first one. Not sure why it's generally hated on.

    So, I saw this sequel and some moments were cool.. but the whole movie was kind of pointless. Nowhere near as good as the first and didn't bring anything cool to the table.

    Now that I think about it.. there was probably only one scene that I really liked, with the 'metal' street performer.
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      Originally posted by CountJackula View Post

      This was, without doubt, the worst horror film we've seen so far this year. Uninspired, dull, and worst of all it diminishes the original film.

      Watch out video on it, and share it if you enjoyed it.

      - Count Jackula
      That video is much more enjoyable than The Last Exorcism II. I dig all references to anything Hunter S Thomson though.

      Was the Last Exorcism II supposed to be scary? Because I feel like they lost the thought of it. I didn't dig the 1st one too much so I wasn't expecting much from this.


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        This sequel was horrible. Thought it was really dull.

        I didn't like the first, but was willing to give the series another chance. Damn was I wrong. It's down there with shit like The Devil Inside.


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          I'm a fan of the first. Well acted, some creepy moments. I wish it had been more scary but I suppose the ambiguity of the possession was somewhat fresh.

          I've heard terrible things about the sequel, will wait till its on budget dvd I think.


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            Originally posted by Deadly Fiend View Post
            This sequel was horrible. Thought it was really dull.

            I didn't like the first, but was willing to give the series another chance. Damn was I wrong. It's down there with shit like The Devil Inside.
            That first word definitely describes this movie to a tee.

            It's too early to be deconstructing your own movie, to make a sequel (The Thing 2011 gets a pass) The first was ff, had a few moments of visceral brutality, and had nell contorting her body in all kinds of crazy positions that defy reality. This sequel goes for more traditonal style, goes for a more creepy vibe, and Nell's contortions are very subtle, and lack the effectiveness of the original

            The one good thing about this movie was Nell's story, getting used to her new life, and growing as a person, and Ashley Bells acting, in general

            "In a world... where demons are capable of love... lives Nell" movie guy voice.

            About TDI, at first I was gonna say something similar, but TDI is one of the worst theatrical horror movies I've ever seen, period.


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              This ending was horrible.


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                Haven't seen this one yet. I've avoided reading reviews and comments about it since I saw the first one without any preconceived ideas and enjoyed it a lot; I'm hoping for the same thing this time, although I have my doubts that it will be as good.


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                  this was really bad. makers sure as hell fucked this one up.



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                    The strength of the first film was the actor playing the priest. The scares and found footage were all done very well, better than most in fact but that actor was so charismatic that he made the film what it was.

                    The other actors were good but they weren't enough to carry the film, as evidenced by Part 2. The girl, Nell is just kind of there going through the motions. The movie itself has nothing going on. It starts of not addressing much, if anything from the out of nowhere ending in part 1. From there it never really picks up speed or goes anywhere interesting. Worst of all its boring as hell. By the end I didn't care what happened I was just waiting patiently for it to be over.


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                      While I enjoyed the first one, I have avoided the sequel due to the fear that it wouldn't live up to its predecessor. From what I've read here, I'm correct.
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                        This movie was hideous!

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                          Originally posted by horror_movie_girl View Post
                          This movie was hideous!
                          Agreed. Fucking horrible.


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                            I haven't seen this yet but I had a dream the other night I watched it and it sucked. Good enough for me.