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Stitches (2012)

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  • Stitches (2012)


    A clown comes back from the dead to haunt those who took his life during a fatal party mishap.

    The Irish slasher/comedy just hit DVD & Blu this week.
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    Watched this a few weeks ago... it was fun, but was kinda expecting a little more considering the hype. Still, has some great kills that's for sure!


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      This one took its sweet ass time to get going (50 minutes) but once it did get rolling the kills were well worth the wait.


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        This wasn't awful, but I expected more.

        The fat gay kid was pretty funny, so I was bummed that he was offed earlier than most.
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          I'm looking forward to seeing this, it looks fun, but I don't think it's going to be as amazing as BD makes out! It just looks like a bit of slasher fun, like Hatchet.
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            I absolutely loved Stitches, and will pick up the blu, soon. Modern Day Nightmare on Elm Street. The gore is over the top, the kills are fun, and experimental, and Ross Noble has great one liners and is a treat to watch.


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              Its been on my watch list but after I watched 'Killjoy goes to hell' (without having seen the previous ones). I had to take a break from clown movies


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                This movie gets a 3 star rating in my book. The idea was fun, the characters were decent enough, and the concept of the clown who has to finish his party of else was fun. I would have liked to have seen more about the clown cult aspect.
                The kills for the most part were okay, I feel that their vision overreached their ability at times but not so much so as to ruin the movie.
                Overall it was an enjoyable movie if not entirely new.
                I would have liked to have seen them go in a slightly different direction than straight slasher. The clown cult and mausoleum were interesting. Killing a bunch of kids at a teen party is meh.