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Reeker (2005)

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    It aired on tv last night and i didnt really care for it. Maybe i expected too much cause i read the BD review for it, but even if i didnt have high hopes beforehand i dont think it would have made the experience better.

    didnt like the characters, didnt like the killer and didnt like the ending...


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      This was not a horrible movie, but it did make me laugh a whole heck of a lot. The premise itself was humorous, but overall I think the movie was pretty long as you recognize the comedy.


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        I saw Reeker last night and thought it was pretty terrible! Total cliche with a stupid ending.

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          I don't think its utterly terrible. It's enough fun. Plus, The Reeker himself is pretty fucking awesome. Even the way it moves is cool. I'd like to see something a bit more serious done with the character. There is a lot worse films out there.
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