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    Got the dvd a few days ago and I have to say this is a sick film. No monsters or demons here, just a twisted serial killer film that's done so well. It pretty much rips at every social taboo there is, race, sexuality and family issues, in a harsh and balls to the wall manner. I thought the acting was good enough, as I was worried due to the film's budget. It works effectively because of the two brothers. They really do come across as real brothers as they both deliver strong performances. Yes, at times the dialogue is a bit shaky, but never enough to ruin the watching experience. The gore was gruesome, the score was done right and the ending is disturbing. This movie is a big "FUCK YOU" to all of the mainstream horror movies, horror fans should see it. It does leave a mark!
    There's a door to dreams
    And it always lets you in
    But with a silent scream
    All the nightmares must begin

    Still you chase what you can't see
    Like death and pain and sin
    And the Shadow of The Wind

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio
    7/10/1942 - 5/16/2010


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      Yes every horror fan should check this out! I don't go into this as an extreme film at all just a great horror flick.


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        Great stuff. Loved the dark brooding atmosphere slow burning yet chilling pace. The moments of bad acting were not really a big issue because they were from secondary characters. The two leads were really good. Once again indie shows the mainstream how to make real disturbing and horrific film.



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          This was great. It's totally disturbing but at the same time it didn't feel unnecessarily exploitative. I found it to be a nice balance between the visceral and cerebral. I'm a big fan of a great set-up and payoff; the ending of this was perfection. This must be seen.



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            New issue of Fangoria!



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              This is one of the few things sick, morose and melancholy yet with just enough slivers of black humor to compare with Henry:Potrait Of A Serial Killer. Of course, that was well made enough (and I believe the latter had signifcantly more resources) to feel like an independent film as opposed to strictly do it yourself which this clearly was.

              The acting complaints here are petty as far as I'm concerned. The only one who flat out sucked was the dad’s hammy theatre community level disgrace to the profession. Furthermore, normal everyday shitheads aren’t as slick and clever as A-listers. They’re fucking lame. I mean when you break it down like that even the phony tough guy dad who was only ever any good at beating on his sons worked in the context of being lame; even when he was shouting at his own sons you can't expect him to come off as intimidating or menacing as Robert DeNiro in "A Boy's Life."

              Amongst all the other accurate and authentic characterizations, I especially found the developed best friend to be spot on. For all you whippersnappers, developed means the fairer sex have tits that come in early or in this case tubby lads who eat theirs in early. Gynecomastia I believe it's called. Even though I wasn’t ever in the same class or even the same school for very long with that sort of fairweather more than fairly fed best friend I still completely empathized with the less than ideal friendship portrayed here. But whether or not we were in the same schools for all that long I still experienced that same sort of pincushion prodding from a friend that clearly hated their own guts more than anything and took out on their own best friend. As for being the proverbial 90 pound weakling; well, I won more than I lost (then at least; been too drunk to win too many since) and the completely being bullied bullshit was well over by 10. But that's neither here nor there.

              I will say the killer’s motivation here is one of those things where I hope it’s a Tarantino deal. By Tarantino deal, I mean supposedly whether it comes up in the actual movie or not he has pages upon pages written for every single character’s motivation. Now while you didn’t need to know the character’s actual motivation here (to me the movie is perfectly paced as it is so trying to jam some exposition type crap like that in just wouldn't be worth it) when it comes to real life serial killers it goes a lot deeper than the throwaway motivation given here. Which means you’re left to fill in the blanks; but this is a pretty specific niche for a killer to have. [SPOILER]Also it’s not like this was supposed to be set in Detroit; so I guess some singular black bully did something real fucking bad to this guy. But then that doesn’t really tie into his psychosexual Jim Morrison proclivities that bust out by the end. It kind of seems cobbled or thrown together for this fellow to be such an enthusiastic mammyrammer and hatekiller. I mean this dude is a pretty hateful asshole but particularly a psychosexual killer like this who hates his mom has motivations that run a lot deeper than racial tedium.

              Just to be clear I'm not being dense either in failing to realize this was a key framing device and artistic decision for the revelation of which version of Headless little brother was actually watching (the one in his head, dinguses.) But that's why the quick gruffing two sentence explanation we're given comes off as so lazy. Because without any further explanation, it comes off as the sole reason for making it so that the killer preferred a particular race was to jam that twist middle section in. And that's a damn shame because the rest of the movie worked so seamlessly. I mean I guess if he got bullied just the exact same as his little brother and had to eat it and smile so to speak. But that's not nearly enough to drive somebody over the edge. I guess we're supposed to assume the worst.[/SPOILER]

              The very end is very sick and I’ll leave it at that; just an unforgettable visual. Hell, is it wrong to call it soon to be iconic? The only thing leaving me empty is how arbitrary the racial aspect seemed. Not controversial or any kind of bait; just underwritten and arbitrary. And oh yeah, the guy who played the dad sucked. If this guy has acted in multiple things, the dad from Troll 2 should’ve stuck to acting. I mean I’m at least sure the mom has been in Stone Old vehicles like that one half-assed Lionheart remake. 9/10 despite my minor quibbles about the killer's motivation. This deserves the hype.
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                Just watched this. Pretty disappointed the climax was all off screen. LAME! Decent enough little flick though. 6/10 for me.


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                  An exciting update for those of you who dig Blu-ray, and naturally, Found!

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                  LLUSIONS published "Found" uncut in two variants Mediabook

                  Meteor film, the German rights holder of extremely hard horror film Found - My brother is a serial killer, announced plans to publish the work in Germany in the uncut version on DVD and the world for the first time on Blu-ray. This was amazing, after the title appeared already in the UK and Australia only in a cut version and these two countries are in contrast to Germany not for their squeamishness in the censorship policy known.

                  The comparison between the German FSK 18 version and the uncut version, for example, the American iTunes ensured then for clarity - the local publishing Found - My brother is a serial killer that will be released on 9 April 2015 contains several sections and is therefore different as promised, uncut Meteor. This person reported on different independent platforms, a section report, there is not yet.

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                  Story: The Geek Marty, despite his young age of 12, already a big fan of horror movies and because he has only one friend, he also spends a lot of time with the latest and most brutal movies to watch. But one day the horror returns in his own life when he finds a severed head in the closet of his older brother. When he tries to find out why there is this severed head in the room of his brother, he discovers that there is a serial killer with him ...