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Perseveration {2013}

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  • Perseveration {2013}

    My new obsession...

    A Film by Adam Sotelo

    A young boy(Joshua)'s journey into survival after being born into a inbred religious cult quickly turns sour.
    Locked in a cage, starved, & beaten his whole life he witnesses a murder in the church where he has been held captive
    Being taught a skewed religion & being held captive takes a tole on his mentality as he grows into a monster.
    Acting out on his disgusting, depraved & violent urges towards the "Non believers" as he was brought up in the quiet abandoned town in Hancock New York Where The inbred cult family lived.
    With a face hidden from society for so long, a tortured soul, And a skewed belief, he roams the streets looking for the next sinner to cross his path.
    So... We ask you..
    What would you do if your religion was defiled?

    We just received the controversial teaser trailer from the film Perseveration by newcomer Adam Sotelo, which is being billed as "the most offensive, disturbing, grotesque independent film of all time."

    There's not too many details to report on this one, but writer/director Adam Sotelo is telling us to strap ourselves in because we will enter his mind as he takes us on a journey to hell and back.

    This film will not only shock you, it will disgust you, and leave you guessing. From what we saw we love it! Check out the trailer below, and let us know if it get's your seal of approval.




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    looks kinda interesting,


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      Originally posted by spook13 View Post
      looks kinda interesting,

      Yep, sure is and I read Adam Sotelo is only 21/22 years old. Amazing.


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        Right up my ally ty.


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          This one is certainly worth the wait for, quite excited about it!


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            $45.00 - On Sale

            Perseveration Dvd
            Perseveration CrewNeck
            Perseveration 11x17 Poster
            Released Nov. 10th
            Will Ship Out Nov. 10th!!!!



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                Waiting for this one to arrive here! LOve to have the DVD cover in poster form on my wall!


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                  It's here....




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                    First Video Review.

                    Can't wait for my DVD to arrive. : )



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                      …but alas it isn't in my letterbox yet

                      Hell you know me, damned pumped for this to arrive, just so much great stuff being said about this. Adam Sotelo has a solid future ahead of him!


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                          My site is in the credits; First One! Fuck Yeah!

                          Thoughts and screenshots a bit later....still reeling!

                          Second film with our name attached. Fuckity Fuck FUCK!


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                            This looks interesting to watch. Let us know what you think of it.