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    Beneath the surface of humanity many of us are nervous and afraid - afraid because we know that we are expected to act in accordance with a placebo world, one that does not truly exist. We are expected to portray, uphold and obey an illusion of civilization that does not resemble the world in which we actually traffic. Andy Philips is one of many who cannot cope with that "reality." He has to shut out a world that in essence is mad, a world where we deny our true will and the thoughts and desires of our conscious mind in order to find peace. There are many reasons why Andy and others like him, kill and commit heinous acts of violence and desecration, a reason that stems fundamentally from the confusion and conflict within the collective soul of us all. Andy Philips is a very lonely man...


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    I expect to have it wrapped up in less than a month. We're just adding the music now. Chemical burn already acquired it so it will likely hit stores early next year. I may have a special edition available this year though through maniac films


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      Concept art for DVD release..Another film I really look forwards to viewing this year!