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Something in the bathtub (NOT THE SHINING)

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  • Something in the bathtub (NOT THE SHINING)

    So it's a haunted house film I remember watching on tv a few years back. It's gotta be from the early 90's/late 80's. No really known actors that I can remember. A woman is cooking or cleaning, her kids are eating and watching t.v., she hears someone splashing around in the tub upstairs and realizes all the kids are with her so she tells them to stay put as she goes to investigate. Then it's about 5 minutes of tension building as she pulls open the shower curtain to reveal nothing. Then I believe she prays or something. I asked this before on IMDB I believe but I can't remember what everyone said. I know people got it though. Please help I gotta find this shit!

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    The Innocents ?

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      What Lies Beneath? It's a tough one given how popular bath tub scenes are in supernatural horror.
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        It might be that made for TV film "The Haunted".


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          It actually sounds very "The Others" but I'm probably wrong. I need to re-watch that at some point
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            Im gonna go with the others also.

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              I dont think there were any tvs in The Others.


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                Dark Water maybe.