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  • Not horror, but...

    At least I doubt it's horror. I really only saw a clip of it. From the looks of it a group of kids were crashing some high end party. Clothes looked about 1980ish, I guess. A couple of girls push down the glass doors and some other kids drive a golf cart through, knocking someone onto the hood and then braking so they fly into a table. One kid wears a turkey for a shoe, and some guy (I guess the host) is yelling at another guy, asking who the kids are and what's up with security. Probably not very descriptive, but that's all I've got. Looked like a cool film, can anybody help me?

    Failla: "How strong is the FBI case?"
    David: "A bitch if you don't know what's coming. Bullshit if you have alibis ready."