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  • +1 for stratosfear

    Thanks again![/URL"]"][/URL


    • Trade

      +1 for Frosty666


      • +1 for ReptilianPig (Der Todesking limited hardbox)

        Super Fast Shipping and Excellent Communication. I will definately buy from you again. Everything came in perfect condition. Thank you!


        • Originally posted by Don'tBreakTheOath View Post
          -1 dertodesking512, sent this dude two vhs for two dvds, my stuff arrived to him and the two dvds never got to me they are "lost" I was told that he would make it right and would send out two more dvds that never happend either. Just been getting ran in circles with this guy, first time I've ever been ripped off trading online and I have been doing this for almost six years, buyer/traders beware. Lesson learned trust your gut instinct.

          The above has been added. Please let me know if this is corrected. I have also sent a PM to dertodesking512.

          Is ReptilianPig Laarana?

          Congrats to Frosty666 on going Platinum!


          • +1 for my man Dead Breed.

            *Updated 3/11 w/ FEMALE TEACHER IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS disc review

            My DVDAF -

            Gold Trader +91


            • i'm not sure if this is active, or what, but it seems the right place.

              i just wanted to give deathbyiggy a huge +a million. iggy gave me a great deal on some seriosly key comic books. his price, communication, shipping, all super fair and awesome. i couldn't be more pleased. i will gladly do business with him in the future.

              2015 wes craven draft
              1. wes craven's new nightmare (1994)
              2. scream (1996)
              3. the hills have eyes (1977)
              4. the serpent and the rainbow (198eight)
              5. scream 2 (1997)
              6. the people under the stairs (1991)
              7. deadly blessing (1981)
              8. deadly friend (1986)
              9. swamp thing (1982)
              10. my soul to take (2010)
              11. scre
              4m (2010)
              12. cursed (2005)