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  • Frosty The Pervert

    I absolutly with a fucking passion hate the stupid redneck corey taylor christmas song.


    • Santa Claus Is Coming on Mom's Gown.


      • My favourite is Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters.

        Followed by Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby,

        and Sinead O'Connor's Silent Night.

        AND Christmas In Hollis by RUN-DMC.


        • gwally, those are all great, especially the Sinead O' Connor song.
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            • Originally posted by Santa Sangre View Post
              gwally, those are all great, especially the Sinead O' Connor song.
              I came across the Sinead O' Connor song while searching for the song used for the AVP: Requiem trailer:
              I would still like to know who sang this version.

              I don't know what you think of Enya, but I really like the following:


              I don't really consider this a Christmas song, but I like it a lot:

              Also anything from the Rankin & Bass television specials.


              • The Christmas Bong


                • [YOUTUBE]5a5fHMlb4V0[/YOUTUBE]



                  • Hawked-up Hollandaise


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