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what drugs are you taking?

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  • what drugs are you taking?

    Moi? I usually take it easy during the week and stick to a few lines of Charlie, I like to mix that shit with Codeine cos it makes my heart beat fast and then slow. I supplement it with a shitload of alcohol to quench the monkey. At the weekends I'll either drop an E or just get proper chinged up like. Saturday nights is for me & the missus, I drink a sea of lager and then we have an Indian curry. I'l normally skin up a tulip j with about an eigth of skunk within, twist it up and then we share it for pudding. Love er to bits.

    What are your favourite drugs?

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      Forgive me father, for I don't give a fuck.


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        I used to neck the Mick Mills badly back in the day with a draw habit of roughly an eighth of skunk a day. Tend to stick with the posh and the peeve these days as all those hallucinogens gave me bad fucking flashbacks in me mid twenties. Alcohol is my friend nowadays, still got a couple o' hundred shrooms drying out upstairs on a newspaper though. I'll prolly nosh em on Saturday night with a tulip joint and a nice sugary cuppa.