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Jewelry For The Ladies/Christmas

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  • Jewelry For The Ladies/Christmas

    I just bought a lot of jewelry from a store that closed down "helping a friend" and Christmas is right around the corner so I kept some of the pieces for my girlfriend and figured I could make a buck or two on the rest! I posted on Craigslist and I may slap a few items on Ebay all though I prefer not to! I figured hell since I visit B-D daily I figured if any guy wants to buy his lady something from here I will try and cut a good deal!

    All stamped~!! All brand spanking new! Shoot me a line for pictures or info

    Have gobs of 92.5% silver earrings all different designs also

    14 karat gold necklace with a pink sapphire and accent diamond in the corner never worn comes in a gift box

    14 karat gold flower ring with diamond

    14 karat gold dolphin earrings

    14 karat gold amethyst heart shaped ring

    18krgp with diamond pendant.

    14 karat gold bracelet

    Italy 8U.925% Sterling Silver Necklace with 925% Dolphin Pendant

    Vintage Napier Heart Pendant Necklace

    Vintage MONET 925% silver 3 gemstone necklace light blue topaz

    Vintage italy 925% italy hummingbird necklace

    Vintage 925% dolphin bracelet with emerald or perdiot green eyes

    Claire's Charms bracelet with dog pendant,i dream pendant with blue gemstone,and purple gemstone horseshoe pendant

    Vintage 925% italy dolphin bracelet

    24 karat gold over 925% sterling silver necklace never worn still in the box with accent diamonds it's in the shape of an E with box

    Macy's Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet .925% Sterling Silver Hope Dream Believe Cuff new with box

    Tommy Hilfigar 3 star necklace

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