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My ex-husband bought me out my share of the house??

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  • My ex-husband bought me out my share of the house??

    My ex husband refinanced the house so he could buy me out my share of the house. The loan went through but the mortgage company is giving him the money. When I questioned this they said that it would have to be decided between us. I do not understand this . If he is buying me out wouldn't the money rightfully belong to me? how is is he is getting the house and half of my money as well. or I should say a portion of my own money? He wants to pay off his credit cards with my money.In our divorce decree it says property is to be decided among us. This looks like he is getting the money and the house as well. This leaves me with practically nothing.He shoud get the house I should get the money correct? Shoud I go back to the divorce lawyer to fight for my money? I am almost ready to tell the mortgage company to put my name back on the mortgage because the deal will be off unless he instruct them to put the money in my account. I took out a personal loan to have the house remodeled last year and to top that off it went over budget. The mortgage company needs to compensate me for that as well. My ex put no money into the remodeling nor did he buy any of the appliances in the house. The house was apraised at $230,000, therefor they are only giving $940,000
    To me that is not a fair amount my loan was $12,000 but I had to come out of my pocket with additonal $3,000 for expenses I did see coming, such as a flooded basement. No money was put into this from my ex. Our divorce decree from the state of Virginia says property is to be decided among the party.Should I get the money and he the house? help!

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    One reason I will never marry.


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      Damn those idiots!


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        Here you go;

        Although with debt like yours, I can't see you staying on the Internet much longer. Might have to park your mobile home (soon to be your car) out of Maccas and scab Wi-Fi.
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          Originally posted by SarahSmith View Post
          Should I get the money and he the house? help!
          You should go to and just fuck off with your feministic whining.
          Originally posted by oxley View Post

          I am not wondering that a site like this does really exist.
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            is this some sort of joke or something?


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              Could be. I mean, why sign up to a horror movie based website of all places just to ask for help on such a matter? Doesn't quite compute, especially when it's the only post from said member.


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                She/He re posted it...

                Insane spammer alert!! Warning! Warning! Will Robinson!


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                  lol could tell it was a spammer just from the title