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Forum Upgrades and Where did my friends and profile comments go?

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    I was actually thinking I could add a little flashing icon or something like we had a few versions ago.
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      Arcade style, YEAH!


      I'm likin' it. I've gotten use to most everything and only had a few PMs that got cut off, but it seems as if that's been taken care of. Thanks for all the hard work!


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        Originally posted by killrobot View Post
        i think instead of making a new fixed with wider theme, i'll make a copy of this one and make it fluid so it fills up your screen no matter how wide it is.
        Has there been any progress on a fluid/wide theme? If there's an option to change to it, I can't find it in the Control Panel.
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          Okay, I most likely missed the thread and even the memo, but where did all the blog posts go?

          I had something like 20 posts, and they are not here now. I know I have been off line for a while, but my posts should still have been there ?
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